Nobles and "Wealth"

This is a question for those of you that run Conan games. How do you handle the noble's wealth? I read a rule somewhere (don't have my books on me because I am always at work) that for every week of inactivity the PC's blow through half their money. (I LOVE that rule.) Do you include the noble's yearly allowance in that? It says under wealth that if they squander it they will get cut off. What constitutes "squandering" in your game?

Just wondering how other people handle this.
I play it that the Noble's "wealth" money is not included in the rule of Easy Come Easy Go, though any treasure they earn through adventuring will be. That is rather the point of the ability IMO, that while the rest of the party may be broke the Noble has his Wealth to fall back on (at least so long as it lasts).

As for "squandering" his wealth, that to me seems mostly to be a built in escape hatch for GM's. If the noble is blowing through his stipend every session and looking for it to magically refresh then the GM can tell him that he has been squandering it and cut him off. Otherwise it is going to depend on where he gets the wealth from. If it is family money then they may get upset if he goes wenching and hitting the lotus-dens on their dime. If it is income from a royal land-grant the king may get upset if he neglects the land.

Hope that helps.