No more 2nd Dynasty Traveller ships?


I dont think I’m spilling secrets here, the exchange happened in the comments section of their latest (non-Traveller) ship crowd funder on MMF. There I asked them to consider doing the Harrier-class Commerce Raider as their next Traveller ship since it would be great for the Pirates of Drinax campaign. They said they lost money doing the Beowulf and that the only other Traveller ship they’re even considering is the Modular Cutter maybe later this year.

It’s a shame, they do beautiful work, but if they can’t/won’t, I hope someone else picks up the license and continues. They also did some miniatures, but they weren’t their strong suit (I think they may have outsourced them?) and there wasn’t a huge variety, especially of the alien species.


Emperor Mongoose
That's a shame. A Harrier would have been useful by so many campaigns. I would think they'd make money on that one, but I really have no idea of the economics involved.


Banded Mongoose
There's a long discussion of this on their Discord - these ships in 28mm are very large and complex models that take a great deal of time to create and the number of people backing them is too small to justify the time required for something like a 200-400 ton ship. If we want to encourage them to do more larger ships, more people need to back these campaigns - the economics are really as simple as that.

The Modular Cutter and similar small ships are ideal subjects - about the right size, infinitely expandable with different types of module, and much more likely to be useful on the tabletop.

I backed the Beowulf and the Scout, but have not printed the Beowulf yet - with the scout, I'm printing it in 15mm scale as I have a lot of Sci Fi minis in that scale. I'll probably also print the Gig and the Rampart-class fighter they've released.

If you play any tabletop sci fi games, the 1:270 scale minis are not only great for showing your players what a ship looks like, but also are the right size for 6mm wargames - roughly the same scale as Battletech and quite common in Sci Fi table top wargames. I'm assembling a 6mm mercenary company using GZG 6mm minis and vehicles, the 2nd Dynasty Broadsword ship and I'm waiting for the Modular Cutter to finish the unit.

Jame Rowe

Cosmic Mongoose
I would love if they did some more of the 1:270 and tactical scale ships, including the Kinunir, Chrysanthemum and a bunch of other non Imperium ships.
Oh, and character minis too.