No ISBN Numbers for Companion


Hi guys.

I was just browsing throughdiverse german online bookstores in order to get a good deal on the RQ - Companion but most of them didn't even list the title as available. Sometimes those shops have problems with the titles of books that are of a foreign language but find the title by their ISBN number. I went to the RuneQuest site over at Mongoose mainpage and then went on to the Cmpanion's very own page ( ) but there is simply none! How can this be? I thought every title has to have a ISBN number.

Any thoughts on this?

Edit: I have just looked it up at and there is a ISBN. ( )

Is it maybe just an oversight of the homepage guys? The internal MPG number is missing with the RQ - C entry as well...


msprange said:
Good call - I have just updated our page!

Glad I could help. :D

I have just checked and seen that the other RuneQuest titles are missing their ISBN numbers as well...