Unpublished add-on for Paranoia or Amazon FUBAR?

Clearly we have here a citizen who inexplicably does not read the PARANOIA development blog (http://www.costik.com/paranoia ). As I wrote in the October 11, 2005 entry (http://www.costik.com/paranoia/public_html/paranoia/2005_10_01_blogchive.html#112904063452324207):
A few weeks back I had to sternly correct Amazon.com's mistaken title for the May 2006 PARANOIA product. The book they erroneously list as "Mission Inscrutable" will in fact be called Sector Zero. Now it turns out Amazon has screwed up again, mistakenly listing another product on next year's PARANOIA schedule as "Things to Do in Alpha Complex When You're Dead." This title is incorrect. Like "Mission Inscrutable," this was one of Mongoose Publishing's placeholder titles for a product that hadn't yet been decided. The actual title is Spin Control, and that's all I want to say about it for, oh, about a year or so.

These placeholder titles might foster the wrong impression that the PARANOIA line could return to the style of witless parody West End Games foisted on the innocent public during the company's prolonged decline. We'll be reprinting and updating the only decent parody in the West End line, Ken Rolston's Orcbusters, in a book next spring called Collapsatron (together with Clones in Space). Other than that, I assure you no parodies are planned, nor are they likely.
I recommend all interested citizens scrutinize the development blog regularly for the latest revised truths from on high.
Thanks Allen,
Funny you should mention that, I hit the blog tonight after I posted here and found the entry you mentioned.

I actually was crafting a definitive Paranoia list for Amazon and that's when I noticed the title.

I've pre-ordered the latest titles from them as my FLGS has hoisted their prices far beyond their usual high price citing transport costs as the problem. Sorry but when they are $20 more expensive than a mail order store in Melbourne which is $10 dearer than Amazon including shipping... My loyalty to local business can only stretch so far. :roll:
Just a note - the ISBN 1905471130 has now been reassigned to PARANOIA: The Underplex, released towards the end of March 2006.