Nighthawk weapons loadout question...


Interestingly, the specialised anti-aircraft Nighthawk doesn't appear to have birdbolt missiles in its Javelin launcher loadout - is this an omission from the rulebook, or intentional? A normal chickenhawk can purchase a rapier launcher, but a nighthawk can't, and doesn't come with one as standard?

Actually, thinking about it, this is probably better - as if you ready, then a holepunch missile with the AA trait (from the nighthawk array) is better than a Birdbolt missile anyways, as it is piercing/2 instead of piercing/1.
Falcons are generally an extra point cost for the Javelin, and they aren't listed specifically in the Nighthawk entry. Also, Rapiers may have one less piercing compared to Holepunch, but they have one more inch on their LZ...

Also, to make the javelin missiles AA it states that you have to fire when readied to take advantage of the nighthawk array. Bit moot, really, as it's a ready weapon.
Okay, so for 20 extra points you get an AA missile, not accurate, without piercing/2. How would that be more effective than firing an AA holepunch whilst taking advantage of the targetting array?
because falcon doesn't need to be readied like the rapier and any AA weapon on a nighthawk hits on a 5+ when using the array. (It's after the rule about non aa weapons gaining aa).
So you can
a) Shoot the really fast stuff... it's a 5 no matter how quick
b) react to lots of flyers as you don't need to ready the array to use it.

The javelin is still better shooting at say a hopper in the action phase. But if it's firing at something coming in quick or reacting, then it needs the falcon. A holepunch can only fire once as the nighthawk has to ready. Face it, if you spend the extra on a nighthawk, then you are expecting aerial trouble, it's worth the points for a falcon to make sure you can react to flyers more than once a turn.
That's how I think it works anyway, I was never really sure how effective the highthawk was.
Have you used it? I've got mine, I think it would be pretty devastating vs hoppers/ripplers.
I've not had a chance to use my marauders yet - hopefully over the next few weeks. Getting 5+ hits on all air stuff with your sixgun as well as your holepunches would be neat during the action phase, and like you say use falcons during the reactions to tear them apart. Does work out quite pricey that way, though (265 points?)

Thinking about it, wouldn't you get a free reroll on your sixgun (Squad weapon) if you ready/fired during your actions?

Does lock and load allow you to fire the same weapon twice in a shoot action? That way you could falcon them twice per reaction...
I'm pretty sure lock and load is two different weapons 'may fire two weapons' rather than 'may fire twice' but I've never really thought about it??????? . I know the sixgun won't get it's re-roll, any marauder weapon becomes infinite so it loses 'squad' and the ready re-roll.
I think having a nighthawk would be scarey enough that no hoppers would ever get close enough to find out if you'd bought falcons too :)
On a related subject; I just read the nighthawk entry and correct me if I'm wrong but it says that any weapon with the AA trait hits on a 5+ if the nighthawk readied. Doesn't say anything about shooting in the air-phase. So the nighthawk readies and suddenly starts blowing holes in a tanker or enemy CHAS with it's sixgun and falcons hitting on 5+.
It says 'sophisticated systems to track fast moving air units' and talks about flight speeds. I think it's clearly aimed at hitting hoppers on a 5+, and I wouldn't abuse it to pop tankers.
I/m pretty sure it's specific to the target number for units moving in the air phase... so model that's coming in at burn with a target of 8+ (for speed) would be hit on a 5. But you are right, when I look at the rule it's not 100% specific (Pretty sure we all know it's meant to be though, fairly sure someone will try and use it sooner or later mind you).
Not many times it's that useful vs bugs though, I can see it being devastating in MI vs MI games. One nighthawk could destroy an entire cap squad as they dropped.