New Scenario Ideas



Here are a couple of new scenario ideas I am working on for my Campaign.

Please let me have any comments or ideas you can think of to expand the scenarios. Has anybody had similar ideas?

1) Caverns of the Dead.

Whilst relaxing in a tavern in Shamar, PCs rescue a young man from two thugs. The young man, Adolphus, is a scholar of history seeking the location of the ruins of Python, lost capital of Acheron.

With the PCs assistance, he searches through the archives and discovers a map showing Python situated in the county of Thune in eastern Aquilonia. (A number of rivers which fed the city have dried up, masking its location).

He hires the PCs as bodyguards and they travel to Thune. En route they tangle with bandits from the corrupt city of Sicas.

At Thune, as expected, they find no ruins of Python above ground but below on the surface, there is a complex of caves. Some of the survivors of Python fled there when the city was destroyed.

In this deadly labyrinth, they encounter the skeletons of dead Giant-Kings, black plate armor, magical weapons, captured treasure, giant albino rats, a sabre-tooth tiger and a loathsome gelid abomination.

At the end, an earthquake forces to caves to collapse, burying forever the last remnants of the dread city. The PCs must flee for their lives with what treasure they have grabbed.

The Caverns of the Dead was inspired by The Hour of the Dragon (REH), Two Suns Setting (Karl Edward Wagner), Conan the Rogue (JMR) and the Dreaming City (Michael Moorcock)

The other scenario follows shortly.


I'm just bringing this scenario up to date before playing it but i haven't managed to find stats for giant (Large) rats !!!!

Any one have any stats I can use ?
Seeker said:
I'm just bringing this scenario up to date before playing it but i haven't managed to find stats for giant (Large) rats !!!!

Any one have any stats I can use ?
Here it is the D&D version:

There are also stats for rat swarms:

A Conan version can be found in Ruins of Hyboria, but it is essentially the same.


Hi. I finally wrote up the scenario. Here is part one. Stats are a bit rough and ready, but heh.

Caverns of The Lost

A Scenario for Conan: The Roleplaying Game

Background (For the GM Only – Do not read to Players)
Whilst relaxing in a taven in Shamar, the PCs rescue a young man from thugs. He is a scholar seeking the location of the lost cities of Acheron.
The PCs must help him such a city, The city contains the tomb of Ixion The Devourer, father of Xalthuton and his guardians.
The PCs travel to the tomb and investigate its mysteries.

The Adventure
The adventure consists of a number of encounters. Each encounter contains a description of the scene (in Italics) to be read to the players and some notes (in normal text) for the GM on how to handle the encounter.
1. Ancient Halls.
Read the following aloud to the players:

The need to find adventure and riches has bought you into Aquilonia.
Along the way, you have spent your money generously on food and wine. Too generously. By the time you reached the ancient city of Shamar, you found your purses empty. You spend your last coins in a tavern, talking of ways to make money.
Suddenly, your discussion is interrupted by a quarrel. Minutes before, a young blond youth had been talking with a trio of burly rogues in the corner. Now, one of them, a man from Koth, rises grasping the youth by the throat.
“Enough”, the Kothian says “I tire of your jabbering, scholar, begone !!!” and he hurls the youth into your table, spilling your drinks and food all over you.
The Kothian and his friends burst into laughter.

Use the Stats for the Level 3 Rogues from the Conan Rulebook

As you rise to attack, other people in the tavern move quickly out of your way, tipping over benches and tables. Your enemies draw their swords.

During the battle, if someone misses an attack, you could say eg “Your axe thuds into a table, splintering it.” If dodging, say “You move sideways, leaping over a fallen chair” . The combatants can pick up or kick benches and tables at their opponents.

Grateful for your help, the youth thanks you. “My name is Adolphus. I am a scholar interested in ancient times. Come, we must leave quickly before the watch arrives and we are arrested”
As you walk through the streets, the scholar talks excitedly of his knowledge.
“Tell me, have you ever heard of Acheron?. Acheron was a black, nightmare empire that once ruled the lands of Aquilonia, Nemedia and Argos. An empire of evil sorcerers that terrorised the world, till it was overrun by my ancestors.” .
“I have always been fascinated by Acheron. Now, I believe I am close to finding the location of one of its ruined cities and would wish to travel there. I hoped these rogues would help me but obviously not . Would you be interested ?. Such cities often had rich treasure in gold and jewels.”

If the PCs agree to help, read:
“I have found clues in the documents kept in the archives beneath Shamar. Here is the entrance.”
He leads you into an old building, down winding stairs, to underground vaults lit by torches. The vaults contain many scrolls. He draws a couple out and spreads them on a wooden table. One is a faded map.”
“Please lend me your knowledge and skills. See what you make of them.”
Make a Know (History) roll vs DC15. The first scroll is a history and tells of an Acheronian city by a river and its fall at the hand of barbarians. The city was raised to the ground but Adolphus believes there may be part of it still buried below.
The second scroll, a map shows the ancient location of the city. Make a Know (Geo) rol vs DC15. Comparing it with current maps you find a suitable location for the buried city, on the banks of the Shankar river.
“That’s it,” says Adolphus, “ We have found it. We leave in the morning !!!!!”



Seeker said:
I'm just bringing this scenario up to date before playing it but i haven't managed to find stats for giant (Large) rats !!!!

Any one have any stats I can use ?

Who needs stats? Use stats for a lion, but remove the claw attacks. (Or keep them. Maybe these are some nasty rats!) For something a bit smaller, use dog stats.


I respectfully disagree.

Lions/Dogs do not have the "disease" factor nor the swimming capabilties of Rats.

I agree when the creatures are more similar-such as dog to jackal or lion to cougar/puma.


maladaar said:
I respectfully disagree.

Lions/Dogs do not have the "disease" factor nor the swimming capabilties of Rats.

I agree when the creatures are more similar-such as dog to jackal or lion to cougar/puma.

Giving them a disease is easy enough. I guess I assumed that went unsaid.

I've found that its easy to substitute the stats of one monster for another without players noticing the switch as long as the GM imbues the scene with significant description and flavor. Saves on having to buy endless volumes of monster books. :)

With a little fiddling (such as using lion stats and granting it a disease attack) you can create any monster you want.


Agreed. Anything to cut down on buying additional books is a help.

The SRD is good because you do not have to buy it and it has quite a bit of creatures that can be customized (example Dire Rat becomes Large Rat).

For creatures not found in the SRD than homebrewing variations from existing creatures is the way to go.


Excellent. Thanks for the ideas guys. I should be able to put them together and come up with what I want.

I was thinking of the giant rat being about the size of a lion. The disease element was important too - something to make the PCs worry and sweat !!!

Claws are good. I could see the giant rats rearing up and raking at the PCs whilst trying to bite them with their dagger like teeth. Cool.

Anyway here is next part of the adventure. Thanks for the encouragement !!

2. The Caverns.

The next morning, you start making provision for your expedition
You head off in the direction of the ruins. You cross rich farmlands and the peasants turn to stare as you ride past.

About a day out, you see a man riding ahead of you. He rounds a bend. When you arrive at the same point, you notice that he has disappeared. Suddenly, the man rides out from behind some rocks. Roll for inititive.
The man is tall and well built. He wears a chainmail vest and a hooded cloak. Beneath his hood, you can make out a sunburned face. One eye is covered by a patch. He holds his greatsword on guard
He yells “Ho, rascals, you thought me an easy prey for thieving, I think. But now the prey has turned. Do I fight you singly or all together ?. Well ? ”.
If the PCs attack, he will show off his mastery with sword and horse.

Init: +26 Senses: Listen +16 Spot +18
Dodge Def: 27 Parry: 24 DR5 HP 126
Saves: Fort + 19 , Ref +20 , Will +8 Spd: 30 ft
Attacks: Broadsword + 24/+19/+14/+9 (1D10 + 8, AP11 )
Skills: Climb +20, Decipher script +8, Jump+18, Ride +11, Search +8
Feats: Dabbler (cs), Fighting Madness, Improved Sunder,

Enventually, if the PCs do not protest their innocence, Adolphus will say “Hold, Stranger, we are not thieves. We mean you no harm !!”
Warily, the stranger stops and puts his sword away. “Perhaps we should introduce ourselves. I have been called by the name of Amra in the past, but now you may know me by another name. “ he pulls back his hood.
You recognise him as King Conan !!

“Wither do you travel ?” he asks, “Some quest or journey perhaps. Crom , how I miss the joy of danger and adventure as a simple mercenary. It would be good to taste it again. My sword is yours if you will have it and here is my hand in friendship too. Ha, let our enemies beware !!. Lead on.”

Make a Survival Roll vs DC10 to survive in the wilds. You journey safely avoiding any hazards and camp for the night. Conan asks of your adventures and tells you some of his. He explains that sometimes he sneaks away to roam the lands he rules in disguise

Make a Survival roll to avoid getting lost. You continue on , your guide steering you in the right direction.
You reach the Shakri river and the bend where the ancient city may once have stood. There is no sign of anything now, no ruins. Only a small hillside or mound stands before you. Adolphus suggest digging here.
Digging through the soil, you come across some great stone blocks. Using your great strength to lift them out of the way, you find a tunnel running underground. You lower yourselves on ropes.

Make Climb rolls vs DC 10, +2 for ropes. If fails by 5 or more, fall taking 2D6 damage. This can be reduced by a Jump or Tumble roll.

Below, you move along the darkened tunnel. As you walk you realise that the tunnel was once a city street. You pass the remains of buried buildings in the caverns - pillars and doorways embebbed in the dirt and rooms filled with rubble. Overhead is the dirt of centuries..
Other tunnels run off the main tunnel., other city streets.

Make Listen rolls vs DC 10 – Passing one of the tunnels, you hear a scraping sound like claws on stone. Shining your torches in that direction, you gain the impression of a large fur covered mass disappearing away from you.”

Make a Spot check vs DC 10 - Moving on, you glimpse red eyes staring from the darkness of another tunnel. Then ahead monsterous things scurry out from their hiding place. Covered in dirty brown fur, they sniffs the air and opens their mouths to reveal dagger sized teeth – Giant Rats !!!. Roll Vs Terror. DC12, if fail -2 to Attack and Defense. Can use Hero Point.

They seem unsure of the torchlight but eventually, their hunger overcomes their fear and they attack . Roll for initiative.

Giant Rats
Init: +8 Senses: Listen +6 Spot +7 ,
Dodge Def: 17 DR2 HP 24 24 24 24
Saves: Fort +4 , Ref +6 , Will +2 Spd: 30ft
Attacks: Bite+5 1D8+4 , AP3 ) plus disease Fort vs DC12, 1d3 days, damage 1d3 dex and 1d3 con

TO BE CONTINUED...........