New Game and needing a bit of help


Wow, it's been a long time since I've been here. I'm so behind on books and everything, so I do apologize in advance for any repeated questions I may ask in my time back. I'm going to try to read up on some of the current threads and such.

Well I'm about to start running a game here in a few weeks, but trying to do some homework before I start. The game is set at the start of the first episode of Season 1 of the B5 series. Now I was thinking fo doing a game similar to Firefly. The group is diverse, but they take jobs of delivering cargo and just seeing different races and such.


Centauri telepath - left family to pursue his own goals as a trader/merchant and want to start his own buisness.

Narn agent/trader - A lot of cloak and dagger type buisness, but assist in the traden goods for favors for the Narn and hoping the Centauri teep don't find him out.

3 Minbari Rangers all Warrior Caste, but uphold the Ranger traditions, they are passing themselves off as members of the worker caste who are trying to find out more about the galaxy and more about the other races and with the other members being traders they will be able to do so. But their true mission is to keep an eye out for the waking darkness which are the Shadows.

Now I want to keep things centered on the characters, they will be doing jobs for various groups and people and most of their jobs will come from the Mars Colony and B5, but they will be all around the galaxy. Which give the Rangers the time they need to do their jobs and also watch how the other two work and see if they may be trust worthy to assist in their work.

The Centauri he is basically all about dealing but will not do illegal stuff unless he really has to which is why his ship has hidden cargo. He dosn't want to be mixed up in anyones war.

The Narn wants to help aid his people, he had also found out that his parents were selling out information to the Centauri about their defences and safe houses, allowing the Centuari to attack and capture hundreds of Narns.

Now I have a few ideas, but wanted to know what some of you thought and think I should add.
A Narn who found out about something like that would swear Chon'Kar. Those family members are dead within 36 hours of discovery, probably by a lynching mob seeking to spread them liberally across the whole of Homeworld.

I find it very unlikely for a Centauri to sever family bonds. It's a source of half their wealth and 3/4ths of their political power.

Is this guy Vir?

Also, how do you plan on integrating the Narn and Centauri?
That I'm still working on. The Centauri isn't severing his ties, he just want to prove to his family that he can make it without going into the military. The Narn, is trying to help the Narns cause in the war effort, but also trying to make a name for himself and get into good standing with the Narn higher ups.
AnlaShok Lynx said:
That I'm still working on. The Centauri isn't severing his ties, he just want to prove to his family that he can make it without going into the military. The Narn, is trying to help the Narns cause in the war effort, but also trying to make a name for himself and get into good standing with the Narn higher ups.
That makes sense. Though it'd be more likely that he's looking for more profitable oportunities than his house currently enjoys access to.

A jump freighter would be a good choice.

So, when does it take place? 2258?

First about your cast: I like the idea of having characters with different agendas. My worry about your cast is that the three Rangers will end up dominating the team, while the Narn and Centauri will easily be left out. If I were doing the casting I would propably drop one Ranger and add a new character that also had an agenda of her own. A Brakiri might be a good choice, if you want to avoid humans.

Secondly Im also starting a campaign based on the 1st season of B5, featuring a group of traders. I don't yet have a major plan where my campaign is heading, because I will give my players a say in that. I will run a few generic adventures and see what type of adventuring they like, and then start to create more epic lines for the campaign. I had my players create their own characters and ended up with:

- A human pilot from Sinzar. He was 17 years old when the Minbari attacked Sinzar and he joined the local militia immediately and ended flying small supply shuttles. After the war he joined Earth Force intelligence flying shuttles for a cruiser. Also a latent telepath, not known to the psi-corps.
- Human mechanic from Earth. Early history still under work, but for the last years has been working for Earth Force with the pilot. A jack-of-all-trades kind of a guy.
- A human rogue telepath, cousin of the pilot. Lived in a desolete place on Sinzar and was able to avoid psi-corps until she was in her teens. Just when the psi-corps were on her tails the Minbari war broke out. After the war she moved to Minbari, where the religious cast were interested in studying humans. She has just recently returnud to human space with a false id.
- A centauri slave/agent, beign enslaved by the Cotto and Refa houses. Trained to be a spy from the birth she is very skilled with covert skill. She has just killed her captors on an expedition to Ikarra VII and is seeking vengeange on houses Refa and Cotto. :) She is now planning to disguise herself as an human trader.

The group came together when the pilot&mechanic found the Centauri on Ikarra VII during an routine Earth Alliance scout mission. The Centauri had find a gadget based on organic technology which she promised to share if the humans would help her smuggle it out. The humans tired with Earth Force and wanting to buy their own tradership agreed. After getting to Mars this they contacted the telepath who negotiated a good deal with IPX for the gadget and the location they found it. With the money they are all now heading to B5 planning to buy a small tradeship and starting their own business.
Now thats pretty cool, I may end up only having two Rangers, but the rangers will not dominate the game. All the people I have are all good roleplayers, but we havn't done character creation yet so some things may change between the three Minbari characters. One of my characters is thinking of being a Minbari telepath so I will have to wait and see.

But over all, they want to do their own thing and see more of the galaxy for the most part, but some of what they will be finding may be clues to something very terrifying and if it's not giving to the right people then it could end the galaxy as they know it. :)