New Crazes for Sector 21


Saucing - A speciality of Babs Windsor blockers the act of 'saucing' involves the surprising of someone whilst in a somewhat personal moment, and requires that the sauce'r delivers a humorous line, either an innuendo, double entrendre or otherwise witty comment (true artists deliver with a cackle). Note that a victim of a saucing, can if they are sufficiently skilled and quick beat the intended sauce'r to the 'crack' (as they say). A good sauce will cause the target to be immobolised and flat footed for the round as they exclaim something along the lines of 'Oooooh matron, Cheeky or a yakking dirty laugh' (avalible only to those of Babs Windsor blocks or those who have spent some time there).

The Debag and Tag - An extension of the art of tagging opposing blocks, the 'debag and tag' is a crime stamped down hard on by justice department officals, as its actions can escalate rapidly into block wars. Typically a juve craze, a gang of juves will typically jump a rival blocker, partially or fully strip the individual and spray them with a indelible tag. Initially this craze broke out among taggers, as a means of conflict, but has begun spreading to gangs, and blockers, keen to humiliate their rivals. The truely brave, or insane, opt for the near suicidal art of Judge Tagging.

Break-in and Decorating - Originally a serial crime commited by crazed futsie Karl Smilee, the idea of break-in and decorating has had a steady rate of popularity over the last few years, ever since the massive rise in unemployement in the Interior Design markets (cause by the introduction of the LAW-hence Le-Bot, from France). The idea is a team break into a city block appartment and give it a complete overhaul in style. Simple as that, or at least it was. Ever since the arrival of the underground league (with points awarded for psychological trauma, garish outlandishness, innovative designs etc) the stakes have been raised. Other crimes have been associated, such as kidknapping residents, armed attacks, criminal damage and even assassinations. Breaking and Decoraters can expect to find charges such as Unlawful Tresspass, Criminal Damage, Defacing Civic Property without Permission, Conspiracy and Practicing Art without a Licence.
I love the stuff you keep coming up with. Keep this up and Mongoose will have to offer you some work :)

massive rise in unemployement in the Interior Design markets (cause by the introduction of the LAW-hence Le-Bot, from France).

This is the only bit that confused me... what exactly is the LAW-hence Le-Bot? It's probably some British humor that I'm missing since I've lived stateside for over 2 and a half years now.

Keep it up!

Lawrence Lewellin is a interior designer who is always on TV and reknown for flamboyant designs (and looks like he walked out of the 18th Centuary)
Aha, that makes more sense now. Is he the guy with long black hair from Trading Spaces or whatever?

Keep up the great work hass :)