Naval Adventure 4: what clues? (Spoilers!)


I've finally gotten my hands on Naval Adventure 4: Enemy of my enemy, and I've read it through. I can't figure out how the Travellers are supposed to make the connections that lead to the final element of the adventure?

What am I missing? All of the Intelligence Events I've read do not mention that system, nor point to pirates being out there.

Caveats: I've only read it once and skimmed it once. I often miss clues and references that people lay out; I remain somewhat thankful that I never got hired by the CIA.

I don't think you've missed anything. It isn't directly pointed out. The intention is for the Travellers' ship to travel to the various worlds of spinward District 268 looking for clues and to stumble upon some of the irregularities in Inchin system which leads them down a path of breadcrumbs to solve the mystery. Meanwhile, Captain Vinsen makes things difficult by throwing inaccurate information into the mix as described on p. 33.

That would be entirely up to the referee. There are hints in the rumors that something is going on at Inchin, but no easily found smoking guns either. Alternatively, there are red herrings that might well take your Travellers' capital ship into the space surrounding Trexalon, which could lead to a quite different adventure, one in which they gradually discover that Captain Vinsen's wishful thinking has inaccurately pointed them at the Trexalonians. There is also the possibility that the Travellers intercept the stealth courier at Collace's outer-system gas giant moon, Auros. Doing so might very well lead them directly to Inchin should they somehow capture the ship and obtain its flight logs or interrogate its crew effectively. Also at Auros, the Travellers might learn of the recent presence of Tondouli pirates, whose world is within striking distance of Inchin, possibly leading them in that direction.

In short, there is no deus ex machina event that sends the Travellers to Inchin, leaving it up to the referee how to bridge the gap. The referee has all the facts about events in the region, and then allows the Travellers to figure out what's going on. This may seem like a plot hole, but it was by design. Naval campaigns are largely based on the events that occur on a capital ship. Exploring the District 268 subsector, establishing relationships with the Collace Planetary Navy, and trying to solve a mystery are all part and parcel to the adventure, giving the players an extensive amount of time to adventure on their ship, adding in various elements described in the Naval Campaign Sourcebook as well. There are myriad ways it could all shake out, but the adventure shies away from lighting one distinct path if that makes sense.
The clues seem to be
p21 CPN forces are avoiding Inchin and Avastan

p28 the Toudouli pirates from 5 sisters have a secret base Crossbone. There is also a covert Susag courier going to Inchin but that is unlikely ot be caught
CPM requests the players find and destroy crossbone

Inchin and Avastan are failed colonies which are usually good places to look for pirate bases

p38 visiting Inchin the players are probably going to notice the odd power supply issues on the fusion plant and then track the solar power array , it is supplying 2 sites and the locals could not have built it

Fundementally you don't need much in the way of clues any competent group of players on an anti-piracy sweep will visit Inchin , pretty much they have to go there. Once there they should find the base if they do due dligence, if they don't sometimes people fail missions and anyway they have a lot of other things to do