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A brand new naval adventure is now out for Traveller, perfect for your 'bridge crew' campaigns - Naval Adventure 3: Fire on the Sindalian Main.

You can grab your own copy right here:

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The Outrim Void is a dangerous place, rife with the remnants of ancient civilisations, pirate havens and ravenous aliens waiting to surge across borders into unclaimed territory. Its only hope for survival is the narrow stream of stars known as the Sindalian Main. If the secure flow of trade can be restored there, the region might one day rise above its blighted circumstances.

The Travellers are sent deep into the Void when they are assigned to the remote Imperial Navy base at Dpres. There they must take command of a joint-force task group and proceed along the Sindalian Main to Tktk. Their mission is to interdict the planet to protect its native sophont species, the tktks.

They soon discover that the Outrim Void is far different from Imperial space. Once you leave home port you enter a wild frontier. On the way to Tktk the Travellers must handle a plethora of problems including assisting colonists, protecting Imperial corporate interests, navigating the complex politics of the region, and possibly staving off an alien invasion. In addition, they must somehow manage to keep the task group fuelled and supplied without the ready assistance of the Imperium. Their objectives quickly expand and threaten to derail the primary mission. Fire on the Sindalian Main puts the Travellers to the test. The glory and honour of the Imperial Navy is at stake!

Fire on the Sindalian Main includes the following:

* A complete naval mission using the Naval Campaign Sourcebook rules
* The Tyrian Kæsia-class Orbital Bombardment Destroyer
* The Glorious Empire’s Elar Kha'yaheh-class Multi-Purpose Fighter

Requires The Pirates of Drinax and Element Class Cruisers: Shipbuilder’s Blueprints



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Fire on the Sindalian Main Errata:
(No spoilers, so I think I can post it here without censure especially since I think it's really good and people should buy it. Lots of detail, yet lots of consequential decisions to be made by the Travellers.)

p. 1: Contents: "Entering the" and "Sindalian Main" is split as two entries for page 20

p. 2: "Trojan Bight" Not a familiar term, but I think I get it. If it's the region coreward of the "Outrim Void" then it would help to add it as a label to the map on page 3. But if it is synonymous with the Outrim Void, then just use that term in the text.

p. 4: I don't think there are Chirpers on Andor and Candory, just Droyne, and I'm fairly certain that's not why those worlds are interdicted. Visually searching travellermaps, I found three red-zoned Chirper worlds that could serve as examples: Burke in Zarushagar, Brirvoy in Ealiyasiyw, and Leenitakot in Hinterworlds.

p. 7: Map: inconsistent shading of Green and Amber zones

p. 8: Map: "Dpress Aquarium" and "Dpress National Dance Theatre" Dpres ? And even at 200% on a giant monitor I can barely make out the street names. I love detailed maps, but only when I can see the details.

p. 9: "one or more rumours described in ‘Showing the Flag’ on page 20." That section has no listed rumors. It would be useful, though, so I'm assuming they exist, but got lost in formatting.

p. 16: names for the scout-crewed and naval escort ships would have added flavor. Also, maybe I'm dense, but it took me multiple readings to realize that for the task force the Travellers pick three of the six navy ships and don't get all six.

p. 23: "Whilst 9,000 people remain on Janus, few are ethnic Janusians." A little confusing. From the following text I can only assume one of two clarifications: a) The actual meaning is that few of the existing ethnic Janusians have returned to Janus; or b) most of Janus's population is not descended from ethnic Janusians. The text implies b), but a) seems more likely the intent. Of course, both could be true. Which would make the statement confusing, but correct.

p. 29: Note that the stats on the Fleet Courier in Highguard imply a crew of 16, which seems high. Looks like you could probably run it safely (but not efficiently) with as few a six. In any case all but two will be part of the detachment.

p. 31: Also reduce the armor on the SDB to 11. I assume the Dragon is the 400-ton boat. The two SDBs have no name in my copy of Highguard.

p. 32: "• TOP (see page 31)" see page 33

p. 33: Hull points for TOP would be another useful stat, or a full station workup in ship stat form. [I had an odd insight just now, but that would be a spoiler and based on Referee knowledge]

p. 34: "but depending on how they handled the situation they not be able to achieve complete success" There is a very important word missing here just before "not". It could be "might" or it could be "will" I'm hoping it's "might".

p. 39: Just a note: Standard Chirpers have the talent of psionic invisibility. (or did in classic Adventure 2, anyway).

p. 42-43: No ages on these characters. Based on text, image, and number of skills I would suggest: 30, 34, 34, 66, 50. Also note that in Gebrohda's catch phrase "security clearance" might be more accurate than "pay grade".

p. 44-46 Kæsia-class:
*needs Jump Control/2 not /1.
*Fuel tankage seems to be enough to support Jump 2 X2.
*Fire Control /2 costs 4.0 not 0.4
*Legend: "12. Briefing Rooms" plural, but the specs say there is only one briefing room
*Legend: "13. High stateroom" singular, but there are eight high staterooms

p. 47-48: Elar Kha'yaheh-class:
*Aerofins should only require 1.75 tons and cost 0.175
*Jump Control/1 is certainly not needed.
*Fire Control /2 costs 4.0 not 0.4
*The barbette requires 15 power, not 8. (fortunately, the powerplant supports that)

General non-spoiler insight: There is a dearth of published Imperial Navy destroyer and light cruiser designs - that whole 2500-25000 ton range (above that and you can fit a small spinal gun, below that and I would call it a frigate or "Adventure Class Starship"). I think this adventure would be perfect for a ship of that size range. I guess I should design one. Or two.

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Geir said:
p. 2: "Trojan Bight" Not a familiar term, but I think I get it. If it's the region coreward of the "Outrim Void" then it would help to add it as a label to the map on page 3. But if it is synonymous with the Outrim Void, then just use that term in the text.

"Trojan Bight" is a term that was established (I presume) with Pirates of Drinax Vol. II, 'The Trojan Reach', whereas the Dpres Subsector is described as such:

The coreward end of the subsector is dominated by the Trojan Bight, a starless region of space (the term Outrim Void is applied to the Bight as well as the coreward subsectors of the Trojan Reach as a whole). The Bight is a nearimpassable region, devoid not only of settled worlds, but of stars. The native race of Tktk tell legends of a time when warring gods ‘put out the eyes of night’, and fringe scientists have speculated about an Ancient weapon capable of snuffing out a star, and that there might be frozen planets in the Bight that were lost when their star was destroyed.


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Just to let you all know, there has been a file update on this title - nothing huge, just a little tidy.

If you bought this from Drivethru, you will be getting a link very soon. If you bought it from our web site, simply go to your Account/Downloadable Products page and re-download it for the latest version.


One of my favorite adventures so far. Also, I have found the information concerning the Sindalian Orbital Bombardment Destroyer as well as the TOP space station, especially helpful for use in The Pirates of Drinax campaign.