Mysteries of the Ancients


I'm loving this update of Classic adventures so far, but spotted a couple of minor errors.

p.89, second column, first paragraph, "She will not leave her this world unless absolutely unavoidable." The "her" is superfluous.

p.136 & p.137 The Fuller Station staff numbers are inconsistent.
On p.136, it tells us that 12 escaped and four died, while on p.137, it tells us that 9 escaped and seven died.
And the description for Technicians on p.268 says they're "intended for mental and technical tasks." Maybe that should be "menial".
Copied from the thread in the Traveller forum for visibility:
Page 48 & 49 - Giiala Larkhen and Luude Pinrosaqu are listed as having identical skills, except that Luude's Vacc Suit level is cut off.
Page 77 - the standard scout deck plan is used for the Garnette, but the text says that several ship components (air/raft dock, probe drones etc) have been replaced with others
Page 115 - Caroline Lidu and Dan Kepaku are listed as having identical traits and skills.
If it's not to late (never saw an update come out) then the map on page 59 should be Hex Scale 1436km (or just 1400km to round it off).
And same as above on the deck plans on page 77. We already have a default scout ship plan - this one should reflect the modified configuration - as should the table on page 76 (and the Purchase cost and Total don't match... I'm sure its just the 10% discount, but it's confusing).

p.100 Calefaction is given Caledonia's UWP in the table... or The title should be Caledonia as for the system since it has the full system stats. But placing the table between and across from Calefaction (blue box and map) entries is...confusing.

p. 101, speaking of the map, the settlement is listed as being near the south pole, not the equator. (at least the scale is correct based on the hex count - if it were a totally locked world, I would suggest tilting the whole map so the bright side was at the top and the cold at the bottom (of the rotated map - now it gets confusing... and the direction of rotation would be.. not really sure... need to cross my eyes and rotate my head to see it).

p. 102: 'the canon begins' should be 'canyon' (Freudian slip there?)
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