My Mini's - in Links

Arkobla Conn

I think I may have the solution to showing people my mini's...

follow the links below.

A Scholar & two Barbarians:

2 Barbarian Lasses & 2 Barbarian Men

A Nordheimer, his friend, and 3 barbarian women

An Adventuring Party (Note: The Barbarian in Blue Armor is painted ala my character in Everquest long ago...)

A D&D style Adventuring Party

Arkobla Conn & his Pet Wolf

Cultists of the Worm (AM Campaign)

Demon & Swamp Troll

Druidess & Giant Hawk (AM Campaign)

Gandalf & Friend

2 Gnolls & 2 Cat Women

Ladies of Power

Picts, Captive & Giant

Raz & Company

Saramites (AM Campaign)

Sons of Karim (AM Campaign)

Stygian Scholar & Ladies

Swine Lord & Dancers

Crypt of the Ghoul Queen (AM Campaign)

Conan & Dancer

Angel, Twins & Spear Dancer

Adventuring Ladies

Unfinished Barbarians 1

Unfinished Barbarians 2

Let me know what you think....remember...I am not a shader and I did use a gloss coat that is too shiny off th flash...but I like them.

The Warlord

I'm telling ya, one 'dip' in wood stain and these models will look 10x better.

(Will have to be dipped prior to the gloss coat though)

Arkobla Conn

Understood warlock... but these were painted and glossed prior to that advice...

Perhaps I'll try it for the unfinished Barbarians sets.


RabidAntiShemite said:
Woodstain? I paint alot of minis and have never heard of that. Do tell!

Not something I've ever tried, but I can see it might give an effect similar to an ink wash over the model.

Arkobla Conn

One point I want to make clear...I didn't post to say....'hey, look at how well (or poor) I painted...I posted most to show ideas for Barbarians, which was a major topic - Barbarian Mini's. I threw in the rest cause I was at it...
yeah, those are all great miniatures for use in a conan game. I recgonize alot of them from my local gaming store.

Thanks for taking the time to post them.


Because Shemites just can't be trusted.

Arkobla Conn

Thanks Rabid. I bought most of them from my Friendly Local Game Stores. I'm good enough with my painting that I'm happy, even though they'd never "sell" for anything or "win" anything. But my group and I beat them up pretty good and I believe it enhances a game like Conan to see how the combatants maneuver in melee.
You've been busy. I like the minatures. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

What brand are you using for the "unfinished barbarians"? They look perfect for Nordheimers.

Lady Maja

I just have to state for the record that Arkobla has the best mini's for our rping sessions! Everything seems to fit just right wether it was something he bought specifically for a certain session or it just happened that way. I don't know how he does it... if I painted that many of something so small, I'd be blind by now! :)

As for shading.... its not everything. I was an art major in college and not all schools of art rely so heavily on shading. (Just check out stuff done in the last century and a half.) For mini's, I think it all depends on the person painting. Besides, as he stated, they are not for sale or up to win any awards... they are used for fun. Arkobla puts his heart into his work and it shows. We as players appreciate all his work.

Ok.. done being an art goob. lol ;)