My list of additional Combat Maneuvers[Houserules]


Just my list of extra maneuvers I'm allowing for my group, plus notes.

Scott's Combat Maneuver List

Big Boot
You can lash out with your foot after you've attacked with your weapons.
Prerequisite: Improved Unarmed Strike, Two-weapon Combat Proficiency, Base Attack Bonus +3 or higher
Circumstance: You've made a Full Attack action
Effect: You may make a bonus unarmed attack at your highest attack bonus after your normal attacks. This does your normal unarmed attack damage (typically 1d4 plus strength bonus). A Big Boot may be combined with Two-weapon fighting or a two handed weapon. It may not be combined with Greater Mobility, nor may you Cleave (or use a similar effect) off of a Big Boot. You suffer a -1 circumstance penalty to your Defence Value, and you may only use this attack to do damage (i.e. you can't Sunder, Disarm, etc.).

I know some members of this board already allow this based on the core rulebook.

Bum's Rush
You've mastered the time-honored technique of evicting unwelcome drunkards from honest establishments.
Prerequisite: Brawl
Circumstance: You are grappling with an opponent or opponents
Effect: If you succeed with a Move action, and you end your movement at least five feet from your maximum, you may move one grappled opponent five feet further than you moved in the same direction. This breaks the grapple for that opponent. If this throws them over a ledge or similar predicament, your opponent may make a Reflex save to avoid their fate (DC15, or DC10 if a railing or similar object is present).
Alternately, if you end your movement next to a large object, you may automatically inflict 1d6 plus your Strength bonus damage to one opponent. The opponent is still considered grappled afterwards.

I love Brawl. I wish more players would take it...

Prerequisite: Improved Grapple
Effect: See The Road of Kings

Not as weak as I first thought, but definately not good enough for a feat

Your mounted charges carry enough force to dismount opposing knights and send infantry reeling.
Prerequisite: Ride by Attack, Base Attack Bonus +6 or higher, Ride 9 ranks
Circumstance: You're charging while mounted
Effect: If you're charging with a lance, and you've successfully hit your opponent, you may make an opposed Trip roll as a free action. If successful, your opponent falls and your lance takes damage equal to one quarter (¼) of the damage you dealt. If the trip attempt fails, your lance takes damage equal to one half (½) of the damage you dealt. Do not include any damage from a Sneak Attack when damaging the lance.
If you are attacking with a weapon other than a lance, you may make an opposed Trip roll as a free action with a -4 circumstance penalty (war swords and sabers only incur a -2 penalty). If successful, your opponent falls. If unsuccessful, you must make a DC12 Fortitude check or drop your weapon.
In all cases, use the size of the rider to modify the Trip attempt, not the size of the mount.

Hey, it's like a Leaping Charge for cavalry! But with shattering lances!

Kick Away
After killing a foe, you send his bloody corpse flying into the arms of his former comrades.
Prerequisite: Str 15+, Cleave
Circumstance: You dropped an opponent (typically by dropping it to below 0 hit points or killing it) of your size or smaller, and you have not moved or taken a five foot step.
Effect: Instead of taking a Cleave (or similar effect), you kick the corpse back five feet directly away from yourself. If another creature occupies that space, they must make a Str or Balance check versus a DC of 10 plus your Strength bonus. If they fail, they are knocked prone.
If the space the corpse is knocked into is a stairway (going down), you may select an opponent lower on the stairway to be hit by the corpse. The DC is increased by 1 for every extra five feet the corpse must fall.
You may not move or take a five foot step after using this ability

I'm ify about this one, as it's the sort of thing I'd allow just for roleplaying. Making it a maneuver reminds players that it's possible, but the prerequiste may restrict them more than I like.

Kick Down the Door
Prerequisite: Improved Overrun and Improved Sunder
Effect: See The Road of Kings

Fun idea, but it's almost never been possible in my campaign. Not worth a feat

Pirate Cure
Prerequisite: Seamanship class ability and Heal 4 ranks
Effect: See The Pirate Isles

I know it's not a combat maneuver, but if I left this as a feat I'd never see it used...

Power Strike
You use a wild swing which deals more damage if it hits.
Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +3 or higher
Circumstance: You're attacking to do damage
Effect: You take a -3 circumstance penalty to hit, and gain a +3 circumstance bonus to damage. This may not be combined with a Power Attack.

Power Attack is very important in Conan. I considered giving the d20 3.0 version to all players for free, and making a "Two-handed Power Attack" feat, but I felt this was better. I start players at third level, so the the +3 requirement keeps it out of the hands of mooks and starting non-combat characters.

You're not a fighter, and you shouldn't be subject to this kind of abuse. Surely your allies will cover your retreat...
Prerequisite: Lightfooted
Circumstance: You're unarmored, carrying less than thirty pounds and were just wounded in combat.
Effect: You may immediately make a Withdraw action on the next initiative segment. You may not do this in response to an attack of opportunity or during the surprise round, nor may you take your normal initiative between receiving damage and Withdrawing. This changes your initiative for the rest of the combat. Other combat actions may change your initiative later. You may not Scamper again for a full round.
Example: Septimar has rolled an initiative of 30, and Harn has an initiative of 18. On 30 Septimar charges Harn and misses. On 18 Harn strikes Septimar for 11 points of damage. Using Scamper, Septimar Withdraws 60' on 17, but may not act again until segment 17 of the following round.

Some people don't like this. I think it does things with initiative that makes them uncomfortable.

You've taken their best shot, and they know it.
Prerequisite: Steely Gaze and Diehard
Circumstance: You just survived a Massive Damage Check
Effect: On your next initiative you may make an Intimidate check as a free action against all opponents within 30 feet. Opponents against whom this check is successful are Shaken. If you Withdraw or otherwise leave combat on your next initiative then you may not also use Unkillable. If the attack left you with less than zero hit points, your Intimidate check gains a +4 circumstance bonus.
Normal: Using Intimidate in combat is a move action that affects one opponent.

Warning Shot
Prerequisite: Intricate Swordplay
Effect: See The Road of Kings
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