My favorite resource



It is a wonderfully detailed site with 3d maps of all 62 burial sites in Egypt's valley of the Kings. There are movies of the tombs. Pictures, Hieroglyphics and history about its inhabitant.

Make your grave robbing come to life!

Oh and by the way, "You're Welcome!"
I checked it out, bookmarked it and pointed it out to my coworkers. Now everybody's grooving to laser mapping goodness.

Excellent find, sir!
I just spent almost 45 minutes on that site when I realized I forgot how I got there! Very cool stuff! Where was this technology when we were writing reports in high school? :?
Not to brag or anything, but I've actually been to the Valley of the Kings... here's one of my pictures from the place:


BTW, Egypt was great and I can recommend going there to anyone, whether doing "research" for a Stygian campaign or otherwise... :D

- thulsa
I've been to Egypt twice, and it makes for very good reference. I have allot of souvenirs and such that will definetely work its way into my game.