Music for Slaine

I had known about this group called' Slough Feg' for while. Formed in San Franciso in the Mid Ninities, it was then that they produced some albums
and never really occured to me until now that they have a selection of the music written for Slaine.

On every album they have made you will find some song takne insoing directly from the 2000AD comic character.

The rest of their music a type of heavy metal which is standard fare of historical fantacy that may also be related to Slaine.

You'll find most of their Slaine stuff on their first three albums.

'The Lord Weird Slough Feg'

'Twilight of the Idols'

'Down Among The Dead Men'

The songs I have noted are


Warriors Dawn lyrics

Coming home from sacrifice to meet our long-nosed wives
Rifles in the twisted canyons summon their surprise
Waking up the silent breeze puts shivers in their hearts
Crazed to death by casualties the calvary departs

We are the red men
Feathers-in-our-head men
Down among the deadmen

In bitter stars that cast their shrine upon the wilderness
Rabid eyes of shamen flood the moon's descending crest
Creeping in clairvoyance painted savaged are drawn
Lost in dire sacrifice to dance and die at dawn

We are the red men
Feathers-in-our-head men
Down among the deadmen

I was born to walk on the plains
I was born to run in the hills
I was tough enough to spawn and die

Towards summer's end
And as you walk through the arid wilderness
You can hear my battle cry

We were torn from shackles and chains
We were born to run in the hills
We were tough enough to spawn and die

Towards summer's end
And as you walk through the arid wilderness
You can hear my battle cry


The Wickerman lyrics

And the bodies of the Sesair spread across the barren plains
And my heart did rise to celebrate as I pulled upon the reigns
Then I heard the sound of flutes and drums through the
Twisted tangled trees
So I drove the deer-skin chariot and the thickets covered me
Where is the road to lead me home?
For my eyes and arms are weary and I wear a crown of thorns
When will I claim my rightful crown?
For the forest sky is bleary and my horses hooves are ground
So we rode into the clearing as the moon rose full and bright
And before us stood a statue made of branches bound up tight
All around it danced the witches of the Horned One in a rage
Setting fire to the Rogues imprisoned in the bracken cage
Who will come to set the prisoners free
For their fate look dark and dreary and they're infidels like me
Then a flash came and the clearing opened up my eyes
Painted shaman and his acolytes rode in and gave the sign
Highest Drunelord of the Horned One shed his antlers and his skin
With a waving of his arms I joined the rogues to burn within
Soon I will break us out of this cage
Or the fire will consume us, we'll be back and in a rage


"The Red Branch lyrics"

When I was young and virile
With witches I would run
When Cathbad took my arm and said:
"Don't stare into the sun, boy
Don't stare into the sun
The fire will burn your eyes boy
Don't stare into the sun"

So I was bound upon the walls
Inside the burial mound
For three long days and three long nights
I didn't see the sun, no
I didn't see the sun
The darkness cloaked my eyes
And I couldn't see the sun

And then they lifted the stone
And Cathbad rose from his throne
A branch of red had stung the eyes of
Heroes he had known
A shaft of shimmering light
That burned my eyes with its might
Came piercing through the hole upon the roof
At winter's height

And so the round hall took me in
Warped warriors everyone
A hero-harness worn by all
We fought beneath the sun, yes
We fought beneath the sun
The fire burned our backs as we
Fought beneath the sun

I soon decided to stride
Across a river so wide
To a hut upon the far shore of the
King's own chosen bride
She took me into her lair
We rolled like thunder in there
But after several visits the King's guards
Became aware

They broke down the door
And stepped in the room
And found us together in her bed
They chained me outside
Before I could hide
And told me the King would have my head
I gathered my strength
To pull at the chains
And slowly the pole began to rise
Up out of the ground, not even a sound
I broke away fast as lightning

Now I run across the plains
My fortune is my bane
I've nowhere left to hide
I'm trembling inside
I pray to Mother earth
To offer me rebirth
But bad tastes in my mouth
Turn all my footsteps south
Where Drunes abuse her power
And turn her soil sour
Is where I have to go
With Crom Cruach from below
And Carnun from above
I've wasted all for love
But when the King is dead
I'll go back to my tribe
And claim my rightful bride


Highlander lyrics

Hard bony limbs covered in leathered skin
Behind his eyes with the rage of ten warped men
Without a sound he steals right through the night
The sign of death to him brings grim delight
Those marked for death can feel him coming near
Some stand in fight and some just cry in fear
On a horse black, the dark lord takes to flight
But no one forgets the Highlander rode tonight
Cant you hear his call
The Mightiest will fall
He will control your destiny
Many mortal screams out of agony
The Highlander has come for me
There's no white spell to best this Earth Pig born
Against his kind an eternal oath was sworn
All kinds of men will fall beneath his blade
Women and children, the choice it has been made
You see him fighting across the field
Some Stand and fight and some just cry in fear
On a horse black, the dark lord takes to flight
But no one forgets the Highlander rode tonight


Beast in the Broch

( Instrumental )



( Instrumental )


Sky Chariots lyrics

Coming in swarms
Out of the sky
Forming an iron cross
Then they divide

Only the smells of death will follow them

Galleys that fly
Out of the north
Painting the sky-ways red
Plundering forth

Only the swiftest will challenge them

Carrying chains
Iron and swords
Poisonous arrows fly
Into the hordes

Only the stoutest stock of nothern men

Battling trees
Wrestling rocks
Summoning Voden's strength
Enemies drop

Only the trials of flesh will challenge them

Voden's call
One and all
Thor's winds blow
North we go

Coming in swarms
Out of the sky
Forming an iron cross
Then they divide

Only the smells of death will follow them

Galleys that fly
Into the sun
Carrying rogues and slaves
Enemies fallen

Only the trails of blood remember them



Cauldron Of Blood lyrics

The red sky has turned to gray to spell out our doom
The walls closing in on this forgotten tomb
A stag's head that hangs on the wall
Tells me what's to befall

The knights of the Red Branch add fuel to the fire
A Careless decision, a Mason's desire
They keep me enslaved 'till the ancestors answer my call

In voices that summon the worms of the earth
The headdress and antlers that turn tears to mirth
A bull's head that lays on the floor shows me what I abhor

The beasts of the forest unite and conspire
A careful decision, unholy desire
Forever enslaved on the walls of the Cauldron of Blood

Peeling the mask as we rise and destroy
Incantations aroused by your sign
Cast in the earth by the light of your eyes
I'm immortal as you are divine


Brave Connor Mac lyrics

The Sesair dogs of Tir-nan-og have stalked me to enslave
And rampant in the hybrid hills amidst the cattle raid
The Ulstermen will kneel before the heathen path I've paved
And bards of mighty Conchobar will offer me to Maeve
Through Sourlands in bloody bands across the north they go
Brave Conner Mac his tribes are painted blue from head to toe
But all alone the Infidel did match them blow for blow
His body bent and hair in spikes came flailing to and fro
The carnage lingered on, his body split from side to side
The tendons tore his mighty chest and ripped his leathered hide
Across his back ten Ulstermen were carried from the lake
And soon there were ten sundered heads each thrust upon a stake
The battle-rage had gripped him as he squirmed inside his skin
One eye had popped out of his head the other sucked back in
Soon pieces of Brave Conner Mac and friends adorned the ground
It took three tubs of ice to cool his burning body down
Setanta of the sesair was the chosen king by birth
The power he possesses is a gift from mother earth
Through chronicles of time he'll rise again and spread his fame
And future incarnations will arise to bear his name
The Sourlands are bitter and the northern tribes are free
In Tir-nan-og a new abandoned kingdom waits for me
The message of the fallen king is swift across the land
To Ulster where a widowed Queen prepares to take my hand


Marauder lyrics

The dark lord will ride in his rags on this morbid new day
The village of wisemen consulting each other to pray
There is no hope left in the stars to save them at hand
On this black day only blood will flow thoughr the white sand

I'm a proud warrior sunken low
I've got no place to go
I can run, I can steal, I can hide
But you know I'll never lose my pride

You can see me in the forest at night
With my eyes wide open and my leather pulled tight
You can see me in the village at dawn
Hiding in the shadows with my battle-beak drawn


Fergus Mac Roich lyrics

"Long live Fergus!", they scream from the valley
Searching the ranks for a king
Moments of glory are all but forgotten
They wait for tomorrow to bring

Outcast and lonely since Connor was smitter
The tribes of the Sesair lament
Chaos abounds in the Land of the Young
As the dark one prepares his descent

Chaos abounding on the breeze
Tangled and twisted in the trees
Dark runes painted on his brow
As the wretched scream out loud

Passing the test of a tribesman and warrior
Fergus Mac Roich stands alone
Paintings that tell of his future misfortune
Are cast on a canvas of stone

Bathed in the Cauldron of Blood
As the ritual knowledge is passed through the gates
Unholy secrets lie under the surface
As silently father awaits



Troll Pack lyrics

Circling 'round to my lair
We come in packs so beware

Marching in this labyrinth village
Troll-king claims his maverick home
Wretching in his cavernous castle
Chewing on flesh, gnawing on bones!

Creeping fast through my halls
Scraping blood from the walls

Games and crafts performed by my fathers
Tossing heads of curious dwarves
Called us cruel and heartless marauders
Invading our caves, starting our wars

Burn the path to my lair

Around each corner they bark
Red eyes
They glow like jewels in the dark

Troglodytes are curious creatures
Marching through reptilian realms
Smell the blood of human invaders
Feast on their limbs, bury their helms

Chopping limbs from the beasts
Bathed in the blood of the priest

Slaughtering this humanoid village
Females kneel and bark at my throne
Wretching in my cavernous castle
Chewing on flesh, gnawing on bones!


Hiberno-latin Invasion lyrics

And when they came
They came from far
To make their claim

For sake of ale
Lantern and earth
Expanse of sea
Wisdom and mirth

They laid us low
And took our wives
And left their woe

Ireland before the Gauls
Ursu the son of Bran
Then the Latins drove our cattle across the wasted land
Conchobor MacNessa reaches out from mother's womb
As the night sky tells a tale of doom


Slough Feg lyrics

The hills are green, the plains are white
The fires aflame we attack tonight
The horses chains and ties are broke
The underbrush goes up in smoke

The dark Drune's eyes are filled with scorn
The red moon's spawn earth pigs are born
Home clan fires are burning bright
The Lord Weird Slough Feg Dies Tonight

Among the warriors a legion is born
A hero-harness is never worn
Gae-bolga's edge is bent with mirth
Warped Weirdstone's power from Mother Earth


Thats a good complilation for Slaine so far.

There's probably a few more song than I have put up that would fit the fiction. Though I wouldn't know from the lyrics.

Some of the fantacy songs are laced with a science fiction themes that might also found to be not so far from the Slaine also.

Though the songs I found ( To Me!) stand out the most.

'Slough Feg', Described as a Folk/Heavy Metal band is a band I wouldn't normamally listen to. I would actaulley prefer the gig and reel, fiddle and pipes, sound myself. Though I guess the more modern, harder sounds isn't entirely out of place.

What music would you have playing in the background while playing Slaine?

Are there other bands who have done the same type of thing as this one?
I just read on one of their websites, that they have a more recent album called 'Traveller'.

Now I wonder if thats anything to do with the role playing game of the same.........................
Anything Celtic would do.

Yeah, I agree.

Though, it's interesting to hear some stuff that other Slaine fans ( Something they must be.) had written, recordered and put onto a few albums.

It's a pity Mongoose Publishing didn't collaborate. Despite the difference in time.

Doesn't matter really, I guess.

White-Wolf publishings World of Darkness role playing games were well known for writing song lyrics from songs related to the horror, vampires, werewolves and such.

When I used to collect the Werewolf Appocalpse role playing books.
I ended up buying Mettalica's Black album for the 'Wolf and Man ' song. Though I got to like the rest of it as well.

That was about over ten years ago now.


Just listen to some of their uploaded Slough Feg media. You'll find

'Red branch', 'Sky Chariots', 'Warriors Dawn', 'Wickerman'.

Red Branch is a damne good example as it's recounts Slaine's early life...

Being put inside a burial mound....

Being taken out of the burial mound and being excepted into the round hall.....

Fighting with Red Branch.....

Crossing the river Donn to visit the old kings secret bride and being caught by his guards....

Leaving the tribe and knowing that one day he can return when the King is dead....

As for other Celtic related music.

I was looking for other music.

looking to find a intrumental version of Dearg Doom song by 'Horlsips'.

Though, I like their song, I'm actaulley more impressed by the equally celtic sounding backing music.

Which is called Old Neil's Cavalry.

Anyway, I was about listen to some samples of 'Horslips''s samples of their version of 'The Tain', and 'Book of Invasions' when stumbled across those 'Slough Feg' lyrics.

Oh, I almost forgot to add that 'Slough Feg' have done a cover of 'Dearg Doom' on their latest album.
Is this what your talking about?.......

I used to watch thsi show alot while I was in early high school. I remember the theme tune vaguely.
While it would be wrong of me to say that Clanad's music is inappropaite, not quite right to offer musical accompanient to anything Celtic.

I beleive Slaine requires something less low key, more Generational X, but still laced with Celtic sounds that are recognisable.

You only have to read the comic to realise it's more of a roller-coaster ride than a visit to the church.

Some of what I had heard from 'Slough Feg' fitts the bill. It's almost just right as far as I am concerned. Not perfect, but near enough until I find some thing better.

Thier music has a certain anthem quality, that stirs the soul. The same way the comic book character Slaine has in the past.
Conan has a very good movie sound track.

The same could be said for 'Babylon Five', 'Starship Troopers', and even 'Judge Dredd'.

With the exception of Judge Dredd, these have movie and television serial sountracks of their own.

It's good to know that those games not already based on film have attracted attention of muscians.

Slough Feg also have a entire album devoted soley to 'Traveller''

It's now good to know that music had been written specifcally for Slaine. Even though his name never gets a mention in any of the lyrics I have seen.

'Red Branch' is a pretty damn obvious sign of tribute.

So, you may listen to Conan while playing Slaine and while it's strictly instrumental sounds have provided a desired atmosphere and then you may also compare that to Slough Feg's metallic sounds ladened with lyrics that might be just as distracting as setting the mood.

Now, if you prefer Conan's soundtrack to anything else while playing the Slaine RPG.

You might just as well chuck out the rules for Slaine and play the Conan RPG instead.

My reason for taking a interest in this music here is that I've noticed that these muscians have as well and made a good effort to pay homage.