Music for Conan


Besides the movie soundtracks, what music do you use during your Conan games?

One excellent source I've found is from the computer game Pharoah, by Sierra Games. The music is perfect not only for Stygia, but for Shem, Zamora, Turan, Iranistan, etc. - any location with a mideastern feel to it. The game also has several background soundtracks - desert winds, housing, marketplace babble, etc.
The following soundtracks are always useful to me:

- Passion (Last Temptation of Christ), by Peter Gabriel
- Long Walk Home (also by Peter Gabriel)
- Gladiator, Rob Roy, Braveheart, etc.
- The 13th Warrior (for Cimmerian/Aesir/Vanir sequences), also has some nice Arabic sounding stuff
- most things by Lisa Gerard (especially Immortal Memory, her new one)
- the Conan television soundtrack isn't terrible (except for the pop track)
- grim fight scenes work well with the Rune computer game soundtrack
- a Brian Eno atmospheric album called Ambient 4: On Land

... and dozens of others - I've been collecting soundtracks for gaming purposes for a while, and use them frequently.
Where did you find the soundtrack for the Conan TV series?
Henry the V soundtrack is another fine choice.

Carmina Burana, excellent for chanting sorcery circles.

Pirates of the Caribean soundtrack for shipboard, swashbuckler events.

The Planets is good for all around mood setting.

Lawrence of Arabia soundtrack for more desert scenes.

Band of Brothers soundtrack for a lil different feel.
Akhenaton by Phillip Glass has one of the best tracks for a Stygian sorcery ceremony I have ever heared: drums, chants and a strange, exotic and most lively rhythm...

Predator, by Alan Silvestri.

Red Sonja (The Red Warrior), by Morricone.

Anything by Basil Poledouris. The scores for The Mummy and The Mummy returns...
Jason Durall said:
Thanks for the information. I have my copy ordered. :p
Any Therion album, especially Theli or Master of the Runes. They're pretty cool for action scenes.

Arcana or Chaostar for strange and cool ambiances.

Rajna and Am'Ganesha for exotic cool ambiance (especially desert or eastern ones).
Here's a link to some of the music used in the new Conan video game.
Add the film soundtrack from John Carpenter's The Thing to the list. It's got some of the absolutely creepiest, nail-bitingly suspenseful music I've ever heard--perfect for the moment when your group of intrepid adventurers is aobut to enter the sorcerer's inner sanctum!
To my previous list, I add:

- Lisa Gerrard - Duality
- The Passion of the Christ soundtrack
- Hamlet (Mel Gibson version) soundtrack
It's a bit "cheery" on a few tracks, but the score to the video game Outcast has great epic bits to it, and it's FREE on their site:

The Tibet RPG has a free downloadable soundtrack that has useable bits, at

I've also used assorted CDs from the Japanese taiko drum group Kodo.

My local library has several CDs of Middle Eastern music, which I've checked out out and will listen to today
About Basil Poledouris OST : be careful to order the Varese version. The Milan version published in Europe got the prologue "between the time..." but lacks about 20 mn score from the Varese version.