[Moon Toad Publishing]Ship Book: Type S Scout/Courier


Cosmic Mongoose
Last book before the 2e comes out. (Yes this is for 1e)

Standard Imperial classification for a small starship purposed specifically for use within the Imperial interstellar Scout Service or operated by detached scouts of said service.

These ships are typically of one hundred displacement tonnes and capable of a two parsec jump.

Source: A Guide for Interstellar Ships within the Third Imperium, Consolidated Press of Regina 1101.

The Type S scout/courier is a common classification for a myriad of similar specification vessels in use throughout the vast Third Imperium.

This publication details probably the most common class of the scout/courier, the ubiquitous Suleiman class. It is neither a primer on the upkeep of the Suleiman Type S scout/courier nor a detailed tutorial on how to engage in exploration or limited trade using it.


A Description and guided tour of each vessel.
A sample crew along with complete character information and backgrounds.
Complete deck plans, specifications and ship data for the Type S and the three Variants.
A3 size deck plans of each ship are included as separate files.
Play Sheets for each version (Mongoose Traveller)

This book is for the Mongoose edition of Traveller and set in the Third Imperium, although it could fit in just about any other setting.
There's something wrong with the DTRPG site and your supplement. When it's clicked on it (usually) won't load, says 'error' in the tooltip. Once I was able to pull up the description, but could not do anything else. Other supplements don't seem to be suffering the same problem.
It seems to work ok frim my work connection. Could be that whatever was going on resolved itself.
Looking good! Some thoughts:

The command bridge is really small! More like a small craft cockpit, as stated in the text. Not even room for the sensor operator, which isn't entirely a bad thing. Having to sit in the computer room to work does mean peace and quiet :)

The common room on the other hand is huge! Lots of space to get together, pass time, plan work, and generally just live aboard the ship. Sweet!

I love how you've decorated the staterooms, with work station, bed, fresher and a small sitting area. Cozy, my favorite depiction of a stateroom!

Placing the air raft, cargo and mission module bay openings along the rear hull was a good idea. The only flat vertical area of the entire hull, a good way to avoid awkward ramp solutions with angled panels.

Speaking of mission module, neat idea! If probe drones are needed, just load them in there! Need a lab? Install one! Extra cargo, or an additional stateroom? Sure! Makes the Scout even more versatile. I didn't see it marked on the stat-block though, but that's a very minor issue.

And as if tht's not enough, there are variants too! The J-4 version especially, makes me wonder why it hasn't replaced the X-boat - I mean, this ship has M-drive and can move under its own power.
I've just gotten started doing deck plans and my goal is to one day make mine as good as the ones in these books. I have the Far Trader, Subsidized Merchant, and not the Scout book and love them all. The deck plans are awesome with great details, the walk-around descriptions and history are well written, and the crews and adventure hooks included are very useful. On top of that the 3d renders of the ships are simply awesome. I use them all the time as visual aids in my campaign. :)