Monsters w/ multiple limbs

K Peterson

Banded Mongoose
It's been a while since I last run Legend, so I've been refamiliarizing myself with some of the more obscure rules. A question: What is the effect of Serious or Major Wounds inflicted on a monster with many limbs?

Let's say you're facing off against a Giant Spider and you inflict a Serious Wound on its Left Fourth Leg. Clearly, the spider may not be able to use that limb if it fails a Resilience test, and it'll likely slow its movement rate. But, I would expect it to be unlikely to fall prone since it has other means of support.

What if you inflict a Major Wound and sever the Left Fourth Leg? Will the spider be at risk of unconsciousness or the risk of death from shock and blood-loss? Or will it sustain itself until you disable or sever a number of limbs?

I've forgotten if this was referenced somewhere in the rules, and I can't find it. Or if it wasn't addressed, and people have resolved this with house rules. Any feedback would help! Thanks!