missing section in Hyboria's Fiercest?


Hi all,

I think the book is great so far, I still heave some more reading to do but it looks like another great title. One thing I found curious, in the introduction, it mentions that the last part of the book contains:

"an indispensable Game-Master's aid: pre-generated non player characters based on the three fiercest classes and various class combinations."

I've gone through the book and have yet to see any pre-generated characters. I assume these were meant to be in the same format as "Aquilonia" and the other fine books? I also assume the section was probably cut from the book due to space?

Were they written up and just not put in the book, and if so, any chance of getting those as a web-enhancement?

This isn't an attempt to degrade the book at all, I think it's another excellent title in the line and it makes me really look forward to the next 2 in the series. Vincent and Mongoose, keep up the great work.

Thanks for the info Vincent !!!

Like I said, a web-enhancement would be a wonderful thing... Plus it's been awhile since we got a Conan Freeby !!!