Miniatures for Lone Wolf : what next ?



In parallel with the next supplement of Lone Wolf after "Dawn of Destruction" (which is ???), will there be some new miniatures (like those for the core rules) for "Magic of Magnamund" and may be the upcoming "Might of Magnamund" ???

Vakeros Knight, Cener druid, Sage of Lyris, Kundi Mystic, Kalte shaman ???

Reginald de Curry said:
Maybe it's in S&P.

Not yet, but next month we'll see the Vagabond class, a pretty roguish character. Whether it's a heroic class or an NPC class remains to be seen.
The Kalte class was a fan made class available at the Tower of the Sun site. I added it in the hope that we would see other figurines than those portrayed in MoM.