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I had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and found a really good deal for some miniatures that are perfect for Conan. It's a set of 24 "Castle Guards" for $15 from Discount Hobbies. Not only is the price per miniature good, but it is actually 24 different poses, not multiples of the same pose. They come in a wide array of arms and armor, good for Hyborians especially, but not bad for some barbarians too.

Here's the link:
Nice Mini's

I've been buying up some excellent barbarians in the reaper line. If anyone is interested, I'll post a few pictures of them painted. They turned out rather well.

Nice stuff, in addition to the castle guards, they have the same deal on skeletons and city folk!

I placed an order and got a return 'could not send email' to an AOL email account. I *hope* my card isn't comprised.
It is a reputable site, and I have used it before and got good service (using an AOL account).

I just got my shipping email for my latest order, so everything seems okay to me.
What size are those minis? I ordered some great minis for my Conan game and found they looked like Pigmies next to the rest of my collection.
The Celtos range from I-kore has a lot of minis that may be useful for Conan. The Gael army for Celtos has a lot of good Barbarians for example.

Chronopia from Excelsior Entertainment is another fantasy range that may have some minis that can be of use in Conan as well. Again the barbarian range (Sons of Kronos) is worth a look and the other human army the Firstborn could be used for more civilized soldiers.

Then of course there is always Reaper for a huge selection of minis of all kinds.
Really? What other minis do you use?

The Celtos and the Chronopia range are quite similar in size. The Reaper minis are a bit smaller (although the Reaper Warlord series is a bit bigger than normal Reaper minis).

Confrontation is another very nice range, although they are a bit bigger more like 35 mm than 28mm.
I did receive my order (promptly)

The figures are well formed and I like them. The scale is about a head shorter than the Reaper Mini's, however. They are for NPC's though, and they'll do fine for it. I bought the guards and will probably get the townsfolk.
I received mine as well.

The scale appears to be "true 25mm", so it matches most of my collection perfectly (I have Old Glory 25m historicals and tons of figures from the 80's when 25mm still meant 25mm in fanatsy lines).
Do you want some company when you go to paint all of these beasts? I have a whole backlog of painting to do coming up here if you want some company.
Sure, I have about 120 miniatures in the to-be-painted state right now (Summer and sweet freedom is three weeks away). We could do some joint painting now and again. I'm still stunned you did all those "pygmies" for their limited deployment. Or are we going to run into a constant stream of pygmies from now on?
Funny you would mention that in this forum. I was going to put the pygmy army up for sale on eBay and link to it from the module I created for our game last Sunday.

For a session log of that game go to:

That way any other Conan GMs who want to enjoy all the pygmy-bashing goodness that you all experienced can also buy the miniatures I painted specifically for the event at a fair price.

I'll have the module and pictures from the game up soon.
Coolness Wyerdo! It seems there will be alot of painting in PA...I have about 40 that should be painted as part of possible inclusion in future Conan events and nearly 100 old ones that would be nice if I painted them finally... And I've been finishing 4-5 a week amidst all my other hobbies/jobs/attention getters...
Celtos are definitely great minis for Conan. Games Workshops Chaos Marauders (for Warhammer Fantasy) are also great... they re clearly ripped off of the Conan the Barbarian movie (GW rips off all its good mini idea... and I m saying that as a big GW fan).

Mounted Marauders
Arkobla Conn said:
Nice Mini's

I've been buying up some excellent barbarians in the reaper line. If anyone is interested, I'll post a few pictures of them painted. They turned out rather well.

I would enjoy seeing them. Got lots of miniatures to paint myself, mostly for my DragonCon game.

I bought some stuff from Discount Hobby, good prices, but bad service. I don't think I'll use them again nytime soon.

I use mostly Reaper miniatures myself these days, as the shops here carry a wide assortment of them.

I got a few female and male barbarians and plenty of other figures so my group should be fine. I got plenty of trolls, demons/succubi, undead and such for my critters.

Hey Lando - I've got to get some batteries for my digital and then I'll take some pics of the barbarians - both females and males. I think you'll like them. I'll try to figure out how to post small pics here, or send to the yahoo forum.