Minbari hand-held weapons


Does someone know characteristics for following weapons: laser rifle, heavy molecular rifle, heavy gravitic cannon, strike laser, wing pack and crystal grenades. These weapons listed on page 82 (Minbari Factbook), but I can’t find their description.
Laser Rifle- No Laser Rifle this is probably the Sha'Nar Fusion Rifle page139

Crystal Grenade- Is probably the Shard Grenade also on page 139

Your guess is as good as mine on the others.
unfortunatly they talk about the Wing pack.. but they dont actualy put any description to said pack anywhere in the book....
The Laser rifle is indeed the Sha'Nar.

The Crystal Grenade is the Shard Grenade.

The Heavy rifle, Heavy cannon, strike laser, and wing pack were all pulled from the text because of an upcoming military project I have been putting together. I think I might manage an errata posted here if people would like. I'll have to pull out some stats that would just end up being teasers, but I don't mind.

Tease away..... I would love too see that Special eratta..... O and any Teaser on this Military thing you where talkn about... .is this gona be a compelation for all Militarys in B5 or Just Minbari.. and Eratta me please August
I have one question :
What this weapon really is? a laser or fusion (advanced charged plasma tech) one ?
The differences are really important to me , because I am working (intermittently) on a home rules supplement about the B5 weapons and armours , and their effects and characteristics , and as the "hard-scifi" fan that I am , I try to give the weapons the most realistic treatment .
Both Laser and fusion weapons are classified in my work as Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) , together with charged plasma (or simply plasma) and particle weapons , and their main characteristics are that the damage inflicted by them is reduced by distance , but also that their maximum range is limited by that factor , while PPGs and slug throwers have a maximum range of 10 times their basic range band .
As I said before , the distinction between laser and fusion weaponry is relatively important to me , because both are affected differently by weather conditions , so I would like to know what is the "official" posture of Mongoose on this .