Minbari Federation Fact Book, errata. Help Needed.


Hello every body,

I have the Minbary only since the beginnning of the week, but I have found some missings :)?:), errors :)?:), mistakes :)?:) ...

So I need your help to clarify them.

P.13, in the first table, the both lines give "Minbari Female" for Race and Gender.
If we must trust the text, and take same table structure than table p.6
I think than we must read "Minbari Male" in first line. That's true ?

Now, about minbri's venerable age and the maximum lifespan. I need some clarification.
The rule said "venerable age listed", with a number (185), what the meaning of this number, page reference ? I don't think.
My misunderstood come than, in table, venerable age seems begin at 150 years old and maximum Age said add "+3d10", but 150 + 30 (maximum on 3d10) didn't give 185.
If I take this number (185) like basic reference to add the maximum Age, it can't give 225 years old (185+30=215), given in text.
So can you clarified this rule.

P.20, in paragraph about Pallic Crest and Mol Shenet Va Ailments rules for Babylon 5, you give some feat reference (Pallic Crest feat, and Mol Shenet Va feat), and said "see ... in the Characters chapter.
But nones is given, I have identify that Small Crest feat is certainly the Pallic Crest feat (that's true ?), but couldn't find the other one.

For the moment I have only quickly read the other parts, but in case of I found some other question, I'll send them here.

Thanks for all answers. ;)