Messantia: new price?


Alliance rised "Messantia - City of Riches" price to a whooping $49.95. Shold we hurry up and preorder it from mongoose (still 40$) before it is updated?

PS: Conan products are getting very expensive; next months we will have:

MGP 7708 Conan Shadizar Box Set (OGL) $39.99
MGP 7709 Conan RPG: Messantia - City of Riches $49.95
MGP 7710 Conan Rpg: Aquilonia Hc $34.95
MGP 7711 Conan Rpg: Conan And The Shadow Of The Sorcerer Box Set $59.95

I know the quality is top notch, but I'm not so rich...
if usable adventures are part of this package (of great quality other stuff), then I'm in despite the price...i'll have to not buy other stuff. But I understand the cost issue. My friends do not have the discretionary income that I have. The best thing on the horizon is the Pocket handbook for Conan. Do not let this slip!