Mersey Mekwar (PBP Game - OOC) - Looking for 2-4 Players

Judge Walker: Unfortunately, I do not know what Mongoose's policy on this kind of issue right now. With the boards here seeming to be in their infancy (especially for 2089) I don't particularily want to rock the boat. The Game's Mechanics are a little too different to the normal D20 rules to make this kind of issue more difficult.

What I would say is that if you can get hold of even the Base Book, you are welcome to play. I'll have at least one more game in the Pipeline within the next month or two.

To the rest of you:

I need to do a little editting to the Intro so far, but not much. Then those of you who are here (shakes fist at Flatmate) can Post Away. We can deal with this with Three Players (you have the Core 2 that any Mek-Team needs, plus your Assault Officer)

I also have a couple of Upgrades for your Meks. Don't worry, everything I post about the added extras is already included weight and space wise. Don't worry about the additional costs either. I thought you'd like to play with some new toys I thought could be quite usefull. Think of it as a Playtest for New Gear. If anyone has any ideas for new stuff give me a shout and we'll see about Playtesting it.
I was going to write a post in the IC channel, but I had a few questions that you (the GM) might want to elaborate in the rest of your post:

- What is the time of year and basic weather conditions observable from the plane? All I can see is "It's cold" for a reference. A couple months out of academy... that puts us in August or so, assuming an early June graduation, right?
- Do we know each other? We're all top of the same class, so I'd assume we are at least aquaintances. Do we know each other well? How long have we known that we would all be working for BFF (read: how long have we known we would be a team)? This would affect how I speak to my teammates, at least at first.

And a more personal question:
Can I browse the internet from the plane using my hand computer? What do I use for a display so I can see what I'm doing? If I want to look up some weather info or pull up maps or something, do I have to wait till we're grounded? I am supposed to be some sort of data access expert after all, I should know this stuff.
Patterson (purkle-chan's character) only speaks one language, and has an 18 Int. He gets to learn 4 more starting languages... may I suggest Gaelic as one of them? Then all we have to do is teach our 4th member the language, and we'll be a LOT harder to have our transmissions intercepted than if we speak a more common language like english.

Of course if your background doesn't support multiple languages, I'm cool with that.

Oh, and I suggest strongly that we all put a FFH (Fast Frequency Hop) system in your custom Mek designs. It takes no extra mass or HP, and only costs an extra $25.000. I can't imagine that anyone has spent so closely to the limit of his $15 mil that they can't add this. =)

Do you want me to badger you about the FFH system IC instead? cause I can do that too. :)
Well, I can certianly drop an FFH into the mek design, its something I didn't include as I wasn't sure if everyone else would be taking them. Doesn't make much IC sense to be the only one with one.

As for the languages, Patterson only gets another three, not four, his starting int was 17. But Gaelic doesn't really fit with his background, he is from down south after all. Though perhaps with some persuasion, he might start to learn it, or at least enough for operational use.
Questions in Order:

1. Correct, it is late August (the exact Date is 23/8/89 - a fairly cold and wet Saturday Morning). Weather is Overcast, with light rain and light to moderate wind.

2. You were all specialled out early and put together as a workable team early in your Training (within the first 3 months) so you know each other intimately. You have eaten with, partied with and camped with each other, and have been operating together for some 5 years solid. There are other members of your Academy Squad, but they have not been "Activated" yet, and are still on Vacation.

3. No, the Captain has shut down access to the Datanet. You only just start to get signal as you are woken up, and at that point we are into RP. :twisted:

4. Languages - You have been together long enough that I will allow the team to use Gaelic as crude form of Combat Language. It will have almost died out by 2089, but I can see the use in it. I will be nice and Rule that everyone gets the Gaelic Language (Native) as a freebee. I like the idea that you have trained with it while at Academy.

5. FFH is a VERY good idea. As we get further into the game, I will be Raising the Bar on stuff like that. To start with, we can keep things quite simple, till we are all comfortable with the rules, and how they play Online.

Added Extras

All of these Systems are already included in the Stats for your Meks, just add them into the Torso (0HP/0Tons/0Cost)

MultiCloak Cam-Net System
Requires 3pp per turn to power Cam-Net cloaking systems
Acts as Multicloak Coating (p216)
Whilst Deployed this over-rides the Meks actual Coating (if any) for Hide/Spot/Scan Checks.
Mek MUST be stationary to deploy Cam-Net.
Takes 2 Hours to set up with 1 Person
Takes 1 Hour to set up with 2 People
Takes 1/2 Hour to set up with 4 people
Takes 1 Full Round Action to Retract Netting
Takes 1 Free Action to blow Explosive Bolts and sever Cam-Net.
Takes 4 Hours (DC25) to refit a new Cam-Net (Cost = 1.5xMulticloak for Size of Mek)
Must Be Mounted In Torso

Advanced Stand-by Mode
May Power Down to reduce Sigs and remain partially active.
1/3 Power Points (Round Up) Available
Cannot Move or Fire Weapons
+5 to Radar Sig
+8 to IR Sig
+5 to Scammer EM Sig
Takes 80 minutes for Power Source to cool significantly (10 minutes per +1 IR sig bonus). Gains other bonuses immediately.
May activate a Power-Up with a Free Action, but it takes 1 Full Round for the Mek to come Online enough to Move or Fire. During this period, there is an IR Spike (-8 to normal Sig) as the Power Source flares to life.
Must Be Mounted In Torso

Improved IR Sig
Top Facing +15 - All Brants Meks are designed to be able to move at night without being spotted by IR Satellites.
Hey... In case you need any more players, I would love to join. I am making a weapons officer, about 2/3 of the way done with him and his warmek, will post them ASAP tomorrow. (Its a big, nasty machine built around a 200mm howitzer :twisted: )

*edit* And btw, how do you make those PDF files that are all neatly organized with the mek info in them? Is there a program or something?
I made an MS Excel spreadsheet that calculates all that Mek stuff and does a (somewhat decent) job of formatting it all on a printout page.

I'll send you a copy if you like. Problems include:
- broken macro for repositioning data into output sheet
- additional ammo doesn't list or calculate into totals
- the data for NBC shielding is incorrect (see oher thread!) :p

But you can enter all the missing stuff by hand on the print page, so it's no biggie. And even with the small broken parts, it's still extremely useful for putting stuff together.

I make no promises that it will calculate everything perfectly, nor do I promise to ever update or fix it in any way. I don't even promise that it won't crash your computer =P I'll merely tell you that I use it.

All that said, if you are interested in the Excel sheet, PM me and I'll send you a copy in email.
I've been using the sheet that Elfman made as well, it's useable enough, just check things a couple of times with the book and so on.

As for actually making the pdf files, you'll need a copy of Acrobat, not just the reader, or some other pdf creation softwear.
Kudos to Elfman for the sheet, but I for one still like pen and paper. Plus I don't have Acrobat gubbins.

Hateorade - No 200mm Long-Toms in this game. I did state that you have $15.000.000 per character for your Mek, but I did also state that you have a max Mek Size of Tiny and Small (the ONLY exception is the Comms Mek, which is already posted). Don't worry, you'll get a chance to play with some of the larger stuff in due proccess Other than that, I have no problems with another character. I can fit him/her into the game, in time.
OOPS! :oops: I missed that little part about the tiny and small only meks. How the heck are we supposed to get small (non scout or comm) meks worth 15 mil? Oh well... ARES armor here we come 8)
Hateorade said:
OOPS! :oops: I missed that little part about the tiny and small only meks. How the heck are we supposed to get small (non scout or comm) meks worth 15 mil? Oh well... ARES armor here we come 8)

You don't have to spend the full 15mil, the Eagle that I designed is only just oiver the 12mil mark, and thats mostly down to the chassis and lasers. 15mil is just your upper limit.