Mersey Mekwar (PBP Game - OOC) - Looking for 2-4 Players

Void Hawk

I'm looking at 8th level characters but should be just out of Mek Academy. They should represent the top 2% of that years Class from the Academyand have all been put forward to a number of potential employers by their former Lecturers and Teachers. All of the Officers should be between the ages of 23 and 25. As a reference, a Green Mek Officer is 5th Level, while the Average Mek Pilot is around 10th Level.

Charcters should be free agents without Meks of their own who are looking to join a Corporate Unit to earn a little money and experience before setting up their own Company.

Attributes are 12,14,15,16,17,18 at 1st Level

Maximum HP per Level

Starting Cash is $50,000 + [(Int Bonus+Wis Bonus+Cha Bonus)x$1000]

Wages are $20,000 per Month

Characters can be of any Nationality, but UK Nationals will have a slight edge over those not born in the UK.

The game I have planned is over the Fate of the City of Liverpool in the UK.

Mek Team
Schattenfuerst - Malcolm Mckeon - Field/Anti-Air Officer
Void Hawk - Gabriel Kane - Scout/Assault Officer
Malcolm Alistair McKeon
Male UK MekPilot from Carlisle
Hair: brown, Eyes: blue-grey, Height: 1.87 m, Weight: 92 kg, Age: 25

Field Officer 8

STR 12 (+1)
DEX 19 (+4)
CON 15 (+2)
INT 18 (+4)
WIS 14 (+2)
CHA 16 (+3)

BAB +8/3
melee +9/4
ranged +12/7

Fort +8
Ref +12
Will +7

HP 80
HD 8d8

DV 22
Ini +8

Balance 5 (+9)
Computer Use 5 (+9)
Concentration 11 (+15)
Drive 2 (+6)
Electronic Warfare 11 (+18 )
Knowledge (Aircraft) 5 (+9)
Knowledge (Military) 6 (+10)
Knowledge (WarMek) 11 (+15)
Medical 2 (+4)
Scan 8 (+13)
Sense Motive 5 (+7)
Spot 10 (+12)
Survival 3 (+5)
Swim 2 (+3)
Technical 5 (+9)
WarMek Pilot 11 (+21)

English, French, Gaelic, German, Spanish

AA Gunner
Improved Initiative
Iron Will
Lightning Reflexes
Nerves of Steel
Rocket Finesse

Field Officer Weapon Proficiencies (grenade, melee, pistol, WarMek)
Basic Training
Cross-Training (Comms Training)
Advanced Training

Second son of a history teacher and a civil pilot Malcolm volunteered for military action on behalf of the independant UK government an tested successfully for MekPilot training. Knowing much about aircrafts and the danger they present for modern warfare, he hopes to be accepted for further training at Sandhurst as an AA specialist.

Glock 40 Automatic Pistol w/5 magazines
Uniform (x2)
Motorcycle Armour
Jumpsuit (x4)
Civilian Clothing (x10)
Expensive Business Suit
Cold Weather Clothing (x2)
Undercover Armour
Hand Computer, Military
Flashlight, Heavy
Communicator, Military
Medical Kit, Standard
Power Converter
Racing Motorcycle (20k)
25,000$ unspent
I hope you're still taking character submissions =) If so, here's mine:

Sarah Rose Kearney
Female UK Mekpilot Comms Specialist from Waterford, Ireland.
Hair: Auburn, Eyes: Green, Height: 157 cm, Weight: 52 kg.
Age: 23 DOB: Apr 5, 2066.

Comms Officer 8

STR 12 (+1)
DEX 18 (+4) [was 17, raised at 4th level]
CON 14 (+2)
INT 18 (+4)
WIS 16 (+3)
CHA 16 (+3) [was 15, raised at 8th level]

BAB +8/+3
melee +9/+4
ranged +12/+7

Fort +4
Ref +10
Will +9

HP 64
HD 8d6+2

DV 20
Ini +4

SKILLS (Rank+Stat[+Misc]= Value):
Balance 5+3= +8
Bluff 7+3= +10
Computer Use 11+4+3= +18
Concentration 11+4= +15
Diplomacy 2+3= +5 [cross class]
Drive 1+4= +5
Electronic Warfare 11+4+4= +19
Engineer 2+3= +5
Intimidate 0+3= +3
Knowledge (Software) 5+4= +9
Knowledge (WarMeks) 1+4= +5
Listen 8+3= +11
Medical 2+3= +5
Profession (Programmer) 1+4= +5 [cross class]
Scan 11+4+3+4= +22 (+26 w/Radar)
Search 6+4= +10
Sense Motive 5+3= +8
Speak Language 1 [cross class]
Spot 11+3= +14
Swim 1+1= +2
Technical 11+4= +15
WarMek Pilot 11+4= +15

English, Gaelic, French, German, Spanish, Russian.

Skill Focus (Scan)
Skill Focus (Computer Use)
Scanner Focus (Radar)
Far Shot
Warmek Software Expert
Data Access

Comms Officer Weapon Proficiencies (grenade, melee, pistol, WarMek)
Basic Training (Comms)
Improved Electronic Warfare (L2)
Cross-Training (Assault Training)
Advanced Training (Comms)

Hand Computer.
Clothes: Expensive Business Suit, Business Suit (x2), Civilian Clothes (x10), Cold Weather Clothes (x2), Jumpsuit (x3), Leather Jacket.
Undercover Armour.
Auto Pistol, Glock 40 w/ 25 magazines.
Advanced Electric Toolkit.
Advanced Electronic Toolkit.
Heavy Flashlight.
Ear Protectors.
Inflatable Bed.
Standard Med Kit.
Communicator, Military.
Power Converter.
Sporty Automobile (base auto cost $11K, spent $20K).
$23,875 left over.

Sarah Rose was born to parents of Irish descent who returned to their homeland from the USA in 2066. Although actually born in the USA, she considers herself a native of the port town in southeastern Ireland where she lived most of her life. She excelled in school, and learned computers and programming skills from her father who was the Head of IT for a local shipping company (a subsidiary of IPEX). Filled with romantic ideas about WarMeks, Sarah enrolled in the Balfour Academy in Kandi, Sri Lanka on a corporation-sponsored scholorship.

Sarah's father died in a terrorist bombing in 2084 while she was away at Academy, only two months after her older brother Joe had moved back to the USA where he went to work as a junior corporate executive. She rarely hears from her brother, but visits her mother in Waterford as often as she can.

Sarah has recently graduated from the Academy with honors as a WarMek Communications Officer. She is currently looking to take a corporate job to get the experience and funds she needs to fulfill her romantic dream of one day forming her own mercenary company.

Updated on 9/15/03 to include GM suggested skill allocation, equipment, and GM corporation/academy info.
Mek Team
Schattenfuerst - Malcolm Mckeon - Field/Anti-Air Officer
Elfman - Sarah Kearney - Comms
Void Hawk - Gabriel Kane - Scout/Assault Officer
PFC Wittergreen - Unknown - Field Officer

I'll be posting a Players Only Thread for this game where you can work out tactics etc between yourselves. This Thread will remain as the Game OOC and I'll get the first post for the campaign done as soon as we have one or two more players.

I'll get back to you with Warmek Budgets and Specification Limits for your Warmeks. You will be getting to design your own Meks, or buy Standard Meks and Mod them if you wish, but I will want the Meks sheet posted (tagged on to th end of your Characters would be the best way).

Elfman - Sarah looks good. Those Extra 4 Skill Points would be best put into Balance. With a Balance of 5 you have a +2 Synergy Bonus with Warmek Pilot. If not that, then use the 4 points to get another 2 full ranks of Diplomacy. Alternately you could boost something like Search, allowing you to search Technical Manuals/Intelligence Documents quicker. It would also allow you to spot things easier from Image-Int.
Having gone through the characters backgrounds a few more times, I have only one thing to clear up, and that is the Mek Academy that you have all been to.

Your Training
To keep things simple, I'm going to rule that you all won scholarships with the small, but quite prestigious, Ipex owned Balfour Academy in Kandi, Sri Lanka.

You all Graduated in the top 2%, and where snapped up by Brants First and Finest about 18 months before you finished your training.

Brants First and Finest
Brants First and Finest (BFF) is composed of the core Command Personnel and quite a few of the origional Pilots of the 1st Mechanised Support Company, One Commando, Royal British Marines, a Unit with a reputation of being one of the best Front-Line Mek Units in the Northern Hemisphere. They are about two months into a 6 month Garrison Duty in Liverpool, and have suffered the loss of almost an entire team (Team Beta) in the last couple of days. The Characters have been taken off Leave and are in transit to Liverpool at the start of the game.

BFF consists of around 45 Meks in total, with fully 80%% of those being Tiny to Medium Size due to deployment logistics. The Larger Meks in the Company are all Quick Change capable, meaning that they can be transported in smaller sections by a number of small landing craft, or be air dropped into an area by conventional Cargo Aircraft (something which is not usually possible without the use of specially designed Orbital Dropships). With a moderate amount of Elite support troops (including Mechanised Commandos, Close Air Support, a moderate amount of Mixed Armor and a small Artillery Detachment), as well as large Logistics and Intelligence Arms, BFF makes a very good Skirmish and Recon in Force Unit, mostly against Light Mek Forces supported by large Conventional Forces. Strangely, their TO&E is also perfect for large scale Urban Operations such as Garrison Duty for an entire City, such as Liverpool.

BFF usually only work for the US and British Governments, but have been known to take Assignments from ANY non-EF aligned Employers, as long as the Price is right.
My char sheet is up and the last 4 points were allocated per your suggestion. Above you will find my (until now missing) equipment listing, purchased with my starting cash of $60,000:

I purposely didn't buy anything with a "military" availability.

I assume I'll need to rent a flat, unless you tell me we've got some sort of housing provided by BFF.

I'm also updating the background to include the GM material, see above post for changes. What else do you need from me to start?
An extra Player or two would be good.... :(

Anyway.... everything looks about ready to get started with the Advanced stuff.... Mek Design, once we have a few more Players, but I let you two in on a little secret... you guys are going to be getting $15.000.000 per Squad Member (up to about 6-7 players Limit) to spend on Custom Meks for this Game.

I figure since I'm going to be wanting your Meks Posted on here, I might as well let you design them yourself. That Cash can go into a Kitty for all the Meks, or you can share it out how you like.
Void Hawk said:
.... I let you two in on a little secret... you guys are going to be getting $15.000.000 per Squad Member (up to about 6-7 players Limit) to spend on Custom Meks for this Game.

Holy handgrenades!!

I was working hard to create a Comms Mek for around 3 mil, and had gotten it down to 3.025.500! This significantly changes things!

Since we have more than a shoestring budget, can we get some information to help us outfit our Meks? I want to know:

Info on opponent Meks/forces that destroyed Beta Team:
- Number and composition of Meks/forces.
- Weapons used against beta team, including use of bio/chem/nukes.
- Tactics used against beta team.
- Support used against beta team, including air/artillery.
- Unusual EM or other communication activity.
Info on our forces:
- Air, Artillery, and other support available.
- Other forces in the area, especially reserves (or is that us?).
- What sort of role we'll be expected to fill within the broader category of Garrison Duty.
- What sort of repair facilities we will have.
- Costs of using common facilities and/or support.
- Other information of import, including time frame for custom Meks ordering if appropriate.

If our CO is authorizing us to each spend 15 million on Meks, he shouldn't have any problem giving us this information.

Perhaps we can RP a briefing or something to give us that info? Or maybe you can give us an orders package that has this?
If you're still after players, I've got a character mostly worked out, just need to name him and give him some background and what not. I'd have done it sooner, but I've been a little busy with other things recently, and making an 8th level character isn't a five minute job :)

I'll post him once I've got those details sorted out.
Good good... more for the War....

Mek Team

Schattenfuerst - Malcolm Mckeon - Field/Anti-Air Officer
Elfman - Sarah Kearney - Comms
Void Hawk - Gabriel Kane - Scout/Assault Officer
PFC Wittergreen - Unknown - Field Officer
Purkle Chan -

Oh yeah... one restriction on those Meks. They Cannot be larger than Small in Size. Yup... that means you are restricted to Tiny and Small Meks. There is ONE important exclusion for this. The Comms Mek may be of Medium Size but must have a total Mass of 90 Tons or less.

As for more info.... not right now. :twisted:

The purpose of your "Budget" is so that you get to design the Machine that you would want for your Character. Blind. You do not know what you are getting into, and you're Characters have no idea what they are going to end up piloting. Characters will be starting in the C-140 that has picked you up from Hong-Kong two days ago, as you circle for descent into Liverpool John Lennon Military Airfield. The only info you have been given is that Brants First and Finest have cut your vacation short by two weeks, and that you are replacing lost Pilots in Liverpool. Thats it.

I'll give you some layout of the city, and find a good map that we can use for this soon, to give you an idea of the setting (for those of you not already with the city...).
Joshua ‘Razor’ Patterson
Male UK Mek Assault Officer, from London
Hair: black, Eyes: steel-grey, Height: 5’11”, Weight: 97 kg, Age: 22

Assault Officer 8

Str: 15 (+2)
Con: 14 (+2)
Dex: 19 (+4) (Increased at lvl 8 )
Int: 18 (+4) (Incrased at lvl 4)
Wis: 16 (+3)
Cha: 12 (+1)

BAB +8/+3
Melee +10/+5
Ranged +12/+7

Fort +8
Ref +6
Will +9

Hp 80
Hd d8

DV 16/20
Init +8

Balance: 6 (10)
Climb: 5 (7)
Computer Use: 1 (5)
Concentrait: 6 (8 )
Drive: 2 (6)
Hide: 2 (6)
Intimedate: 7 (8 )
Jump: 4 (6)
Knowledge (WarMek): 4 (8 )
Listen: 4 (7)
Mek Pilot: 11 (17)
Move Silently: 1 (5)
Scan: 8 (12)
Spot: 9 (12)

Basic Training
Improved Interrogation
Improved Initiative
Skill Focus (Mek Pilot)
Weapon Focus (Retractable Spike)
Improved Warmek Stealth
Anti-Radiation Expert
Improved Piloting
Improved Critical (Retracable Spike)
Proficient with the relvant weapons.

Speaks English


Born in London, Josh lead a fairly mundane life, playing for a low division football(soccer) team, until the troubles started, it was in 2085, during the anti-EF riots in London, that he saw most of closest friends gunned down by over zealous EF soldiers. Blaming himself, and feeling guilty for surviving, he threw himself into the search for vengeance. In the following months he joined first one and then another pro-independence group. Leaving when they failed to give him the opportunity to avenge his lost friends.

Finally, after not finding what he was seeking fighting in the streets, he began looking for any possible way of becoming a Mek Pilot, and taking the fight to those who had taken so much from him. Eventually, he was successful and won a scholarship to a prestigious training academy. Saying farewell to his remaining handful of friends, and his family, he left for the school.

At the academy, he kept himself mostly to himself whenever possible, not wanting to risk going through what he went through months before with the loss of his childhood friends. However, this didn’t stop him forming some bonds with his fellow students, even if it was only somewhat grudging respect for his fellow Brits who were there with him. It would have been hard not to respect them, especially as they were the only people he could speak too properly, not knowing any other languages.

It was also at the academy that he earned his nickname, after the other students noticed his tendency to prefer a knife, any knife, rather than a gun, when it came to combat training. Indeed, one of the trainers put in a report that Josh would be just as happy in a walking tin can with a pair of retractable spikes as in a top of the line Mek.

After graduating, in the top section of his class, he returned to the UK and became a free agent, looking to work for someone who could give him a shot at the things he was after. To avenge his friends and to return the UK
to the glory it once held.

Glock Auto Pistol*
A couple of clips*
Ear protectors*
first aid kit
hand computer
200m rope
8 sets civilian clothin
3 jumpsuits
sundry other items used on a day to day/infrequent basis

I figured these would be acceptable due to the fact that part of the training would have included survivavl should the worse happen and you have to bail from your Mek.

Now for Razor's Mek, called The Eagle because he likes that name. (I forgot that topcities doesn't like outside linking, and have just fixed the link)
Sarah says, "You wanna know what I want in a Mek for under 15 mil? For under 13.4 this is it: a 45 ton chasse, with virtually every scanner and piece of comms gear known to woman, or man for that matter! Throw in a couple lasers, an autocannon for utility, a few missles just in case, and a good but not too heavy amount of armour. And make sure it can outrun the average Mek while you're at it."

Sarah's Custom Comms Mek (blind design)

She smiles and waves her hand computer, "I've just downloaded the specs into your computer. If you order it today using the vendor list I'v supplied, you should be able to have it ready for me by next week."
Mek Team
Schattenfuerst - Malcolm Mckeon - Field/Anti-Air Officer - Character Posted
Elfman - Sarah Kearney - Comms - Character Posted - Mek Posted
Void Hawk - Gabriel Kane - Scout/Assault Officer
PFC Wittergreen - Unknown - Field Officer
Purkle Chan - Joshua ‘Razor’ Patterson - Assault Officer - Character Posted

I'll handle the Assets and Opposition questions IC, once you've gotten to your Command Post.

I am currently in the process of putting PFC Wittergreen and my own Character up, so we should be ready to go soon. Once the Game begins, I will not be back to this Thread, so you can plot and scheme away. I will put up an Info Dump thread for Characters and certain GM resources (like your Support Assets) once we have a finalised group.
OK, I'm withdrawing MY character from this so that you lot can plot and Scheme. As soon as I've managed to BEAT my flatmate into getting on here and posting some good stuff, I'll get this game going. For now, It looks like just the four of you, but you have a good mix of skills so you should do fine.

I'm going to begin the First Post in the I.C. Thread, but it won't be finished for a couple of days. If you folks want to keep checking it, be my guest, but I'll post up a big FINISHED bit at the end so y'all know when to start posting.

Lets see if we can get this moving.

Lastly, I have ONE Mek posted up. Where are the other two? (Flatmate's is done, just needs posted)
Purkle-chan posted his Mek, the EAGLE, in his edited writeup. Mine is in a separate post as SARAH'S CUSTOM COMMS MEK.

So that's two that were posted besides yours :wink:
Mek Team
Schattenfuerst - Malcolm Mckeon - Field/Anti-Air Officer - Character Posted
Elfman - Sarah Kearney - Comms - Character Posted - Mek Posted
PFC Wittergreen - Unknown - Field Officer - Player being BEATEN
Purkle Chan - Joshua ‘Razor’ Patterson - Assault Officer - Character Posted - Mek Posted
Ok, you can post away with some nice IC chat to get you started. I'll let you play with some rumours that you've "heard" and maybe I'll play with some of them.

Then you land and I'll post the Journey to your Command Post.... :twisted:
I should start with saying that I don't have a copy of 2089, but what I have seen of your game interests me. I do have experience with the D20 system (played 3rd ed D&D for awhile and I'm running an on line SG-1 game) so I do know the general mechanic, just not the specific nuts and bolts of the game world. Now, to my point if you have the room (and inclination to deal with a 2089 novice) I would like to join your game. Let me know if you have the space open.