Marcus - Psi Corps....


I'm just sitting watching Lines of Communication in the background here.

The name of the colony that Marcus claims to have grown up on caught my attention.

It gets a small version in the Psi Corps.

If the two colonies are the same it raises loads of interesting questions.

Care to comment Gareth?
Arisa was a target for a Shadow attack, which is how Marcus lost his brother, "To Dream in the City of Sorrows" expands on that (though doesn't mention a Psi Corps connection) - what Gareth added (I don't think there's any particular evidence for it - could be wrong here) does fit quite neatly then...
While it's up the GM, I'd say the sequence of events is:
1) Psi Corps sets up its little hidden colony on Arisia.
2) The mining colony is set up on another planet in the system.
3) Psi Corps go "uh-oh, can't have those mundanes messing with our plans. Better get rid of 'em."
4) Shadows go "as you wish" and zap the colony.
5) Cue Angst.


I thought perhaps the Shadows might have viewed the Teeps as a threat but that makes more sense.
Just checked the Psi Corps book and the name of the colony matches, except for one thing. Marcus mentioned once that the colony where he grew up payed lots of taxes to EartDome. Arisia as described on P. 111 of the Psi Corps book is described as being an unaligned world outside Human space (so probably wouldn't pay taxes), it also says it is only just above subsistence level producing no valuable resources, but the Mining colony must have been doing something worthwhile.

In To Dream in the City of Sorrows, Start of Chapter 6, P. 54 it is stated that Marcus is on Arisia 3, maybe the colonies were in the same system but different worlds.

Just what I can think up on the spot before beddy byes time :) Zzz