Mandatory Bonus Fun Card Game comments

Brass Jester

Played my first game tonight with four players; a few observations and comments:-

Overall, good fun and all players wanted to play again soon.

1. Surviving a mission: some discussion here. The rules say all surviving (= living) players at the debriefing are classed as having survived. If you lose one or more clones during thie mission we ruled that as long as you were alive at the debriefing then it didn't matter how many times you had died during the mission.

2. Is a 'dead' person still in the game for purposes of having cards taken from their hand; being assigned treason tokens etc. We ruled 'no' on both counts. If you are dead, then for that turn you don't exist in the game; hence the fact that at debriefing you can't count as a survivor.

3. Are ' dead' PC's at debriefing classed as having failed the mission? We were unsure on this point; if the the mission said 'Failure: lose 1 Security Level' then do you lose one level as a result of being dead at the crucial time? It seems a bit harsh; but also fits the spirit of Paranoia perfectly

4. Timing of 'play anytime' cards. Can these take effect part-way through another cards effect, or are they meant to be played card/card/card etc.
Example: L. fires a Tangler at J. giving one wound and killing him; it also allows her to draw one card at random from J. J. only has one card; a docbot. It's ' play anytime'. Does L. take this as her random card before J. can play it (in effect 'ending' her card) or can J. play it after he takes the damage ( to negate it) but before L. takes it. In which case he has played his last card; the Card Phase has ended and J. is still alive.

Overall: To play to win you must be ruthless! If you are a high Security Clearance then pick on the lowest Clearance (they are easier to kill.) Make sure they lose thir last clone whilst you are top of the heap. Conversely, if you are not top of the heap, then don't make it easy for the person who is. Killing high levels directly is not easy; but dumping Treason Points on them is. If they are Team Leader then make sure the mission fails (because it usually screws the TL worst.) If someone is shooting themselves then they are doing it for a reason. Give them a friendly docbot to heal them, or dump X treason points on them when they return. Losing one clone might be ok; losing two might be another thing.