Macho Women with Guns Bust-Size issues and Feat


I've been troubled by the breast-size equations; how does the math given figure into the classes' base-size? The equation makes it seem like the whole thing depends on stats, but each class has a base breast size, how is this resolved exactly? Breast-size should be made more important in the game, and to that end I propose a new Bust-line feat:

Prerequisite: DD or larger bust size.
Your prodigious bosom has a tendency to burst and strain fabrics; by taking deep breaths, you can apply extra strain to ropes and straps binding you, granting a +4 bonus to Escape Artist checks. In addition, your jiggling assets can cause opponents to misjudge the exact dimensions of your body, granting you a +1 Defense bonus for every round after you've moved at least 10 feet.

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