Reading the descriptions in the Futuristic section of the MWWG's world, I saw that there's room for expansion; a new Occupation, based on cliches of martians and space-women in those silvery future suits.

Green Gunning Groupies from Outer Space
When the Alpha Male colony was established on the Moon, they discovered a secret civilization of nubile, subservient alien women. They are the remnants of a stereotypical, canal-building race of Martians fleeing to a new home on Earth to escape the drying-up of Mars and growing impotence of the men. But the male Martians miscalculated their space-flight, because of their refusal to ask for directions, and crash-landed on the Moon instead.
Eons later, the wimpy males are extinct, and the green-skinned, (but not so little) women awaited in hibernation for a solution; but there aren't anywhere near enough Alpha Male colonists to satisfy the legions of green hotties that remain. Thus many have cast off their subservience and hopped shuttles to Earth, using a variety of weapons to steal the hairstyles, fashion, and men away from the greedy pink-skins.

To survive, Green Gunning Groupies from the Moon must have a Bust-size of C or larger. They are Also known as Triple-G's. It's also important to make literalist misinterpretations of figures of speech: (I did not know that equines were a staple of human diet, however hungry.)

Choose three of the following skills as permanent class skils. If a skill the character selects is already a class skill, she receives a +1 competence bonus on checks using that skill.
Computer Use, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Drive, Knowledge (ANY, but probably cheesy, 50's sci-fi) Nookie, Pilot,

Bonus Feats
Select one of the following;
Blow Your Way To The Top, Confident, Craft (Guns and Alien Ray-guns) Gear Head, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Rabbit Ears*, Run In High Heels, Weird Science*

Rabbit Ears
Must be a Green, Gunning, Groupie from Outer Space.
Your cute alien antennae give you the ability to silently communicate with alien brain waves to any other GGG within 100 feet. The Other GGG can hear you, but will not be able to answer unless she too has this feat. Kicking the receiver won't help.

Weird Science
Must be a Green, Gunning Groupie from Outer Space.
Using secret sciences from Mars, you can can use your alien toolkit to piece together a funky gadget that will duplicate an effect of any spell (no potions) in the Mucho Macho Magic chapter, at Level 1. It requires one hour of uninterrupted tinkering, and the expenditure of an Action Point. The Wacky Gadget can be used once, but after that there is a 50% chance of catastrophic failure, destroying the device. The Gamemaster can reverse the function of the device in a way that is hilariously inconvenient at his discretion. (Like turning the only container of drinking water into dangerous acid) Oopsie.

Cute Little Antennae:
Near the GGG's hairline is a pair of small antennae that look like the appendages of cliched, low-budget aliens of decades past. All Green Groupies can use them to create a levitation effect, allowing them to move up to 20 pounds at a speed of 5-feet per round, with a range of 30 feet, costing one Mana Point for each round this ability is used. The levitation may continue into the next round, but another Mana Point must be spent each round. Players are required to make a weird, 'Woo-Woo-Woo' sound.

What big.....eyes you have:
Good save. But GGG's were forced to hibernate for millenia to survive after their men went impotent and extinct. During this period, they were forced to survive on....stored energy. A GGG can last an extra round under drowning or suffocation conditions without penalty for each cup size above DD. If food becomes an issue, she can last an extra day without sustenance for each cup size above DD.

All GGG's start with a funny-looking ray gun with little planet rings on the barrel. With a Ranged Touch Attack, she can zap enemies with a beam of pink energy at a range of 40 feet. Any enemy with an Intelligence over 3 must make a DC 15 Will save, or be paralyzed in fear over what the strange effects of the alien raygun might be. (It feels tingly) But the gun is powered by the GGG's own Mana, and a point must be spent whether she hits or not. (Hardness 20, Hitpoints 20) It requires 2 Action Points and a full day to repair or rebuild the weapon. Other green alien women are unaffected by the ray.

Green Gunning Groupies from Outer Space do not fully understand Earthling concepts like 'money'. But they'll learn the hard way once they get to Earth.

I'm putting together an Online, Live-Chat MWWG campaign, email me directly if you want to get on board![/b]