Linked Weapon Damages-Error?


OK, so what’s up with the twin linked weaponry on some vehicles? In several cases it seems that the damage changes by the number of weapons linked into the system. The EA Badger does 4d8 with its Twin-Linked UniPulse Cannons while its tail UniPulse Cannon does only 2d8. Another example is the Minbari Nial which does 3d8 with its Tri-Linked Lt. Fusion Cannons, the Flyer does the same with its single Lt. Fusion Cannon, and the Tishat deals 2d8 with its Twin-Linked Lt. Fusion Cannons. Needless to say, I’m a little confused as a result of these inconsistencies.

Should the Uni-Pulse Cannon deal 2d8 and the Lt. Fusion Cannon deal 3d8 points of damage? This makes sense to me as the Fusion cannon is supposed to be the stronger of the two weapons. As such the Badger would deal 2x2d8 and the Nial would deal 3x3d8 respectively.
You are not the only one wanting an answer to this one!! [And take a look at the Heavy Laser Cannons on the Orion Starbase for more of the same.]

I've tried asking the question before but there was never an official response. I'm guessing that we will have to wait for the Advanced Combat Game to come out to answer all these.. :(

Anyway - hope you have better luck than I did! :)

OK, I'm just gonna list what I'm doing with the linked weapons on the fighters.

Individual Weapons Damage-
Lt. Uni-Pulse Cannon: 1d8 damage
Uni-Pulse Cannon: 2d8
Lt. Fusion Cannon: 3d8

For the fighters it goes as followes-
Aurora Starfury: Twin-Linked Uni-Pulse Cannons 2d8(x2)
Twin-Linked Lt. Uni-Pulse Cannons 1d8(x2)

Badger Staryfury: Twin-Linked Uni-Pulse Cannons 2d8(x2)
Twin-Linked Lt. Uni-Pulse Cannons 2d8(x2)
Uni-Pulse Cannon 2d8

Thunderbolt Starfury: Gatling Pulse Cannon 4d10

Tishat Medium Fighter: Twin-Linked Lt. Fusion Cannon 3d8(x2)

Nial Medium Fighter: Tri-Linked Lt. Fusion Cannon 3d8(x3)

Agreements, disagreements, problems....let me know what ya'll think.