Hello can anyone provide me with the link for that the website that had that weird live action role player getting arrested.
Thanks G
It was from an episode of Reno 911. The Larper in question is NOT Ron James who is the star of King of Queens. I am not sure if the guy is on King of Queens though.

I will try to find the link and post it later.

It was in a thread called "Check out my buddy's game room" or something like that....
Strom said:
The guy is Patton Oswalt and he is on King of Queens occasionally. heres the video:


Haw haw! I love those goofy horns on his chin.... Demon god of conquest, s'right... Patton is also on the hilariously named "Comedians of Comedy," which I've only seen one of, but I love that name.

But I gotta say Reno 911 has its moments, man. I bought the season 1 on dvd- which to be fair isnt all that great. I think they started to hit their stride in season 2. But it has a hilarious outtake of Garcia and the Blonde Clementine trying to do a scene, and just keep cracking up, and its pretty damn funny. The scene they can't do is where Gacia and Clemy are at a restraurant, and Garcia orders for himself, then hands the waiter a coupon and says, with a completely straight face:"And the lady will have something of equal or lesser value..." It took them about, I dont know, ten tries to get through it without cracking up... Haw haw!
That's Patton Oswald?! Awesome! He is one of the funniest guys in the business of comedy. If he is near where you live go and see him you will not regret it. (Unless of course you think Larry the Cable Guy is the second coming, then never mind)

I have been doing stand up for many years and many of my comedy friends list Patton as there very favorites

PS Rest in peace Pryor.