Koodos to the Mongoose crew...


After what seemed like an eternity waiting for my local game store to get the book in, I was finally able to purchase the Conan rpg over the weekend.

Needless to say, I spent the next several hours in a feverish readthrough, and I must say that I am pleased beyond words at the final product.

I have been a fan of the Hyborian world and the writings of R.E Howard and company for years, and have always wanted to run a game in the rich milieu that it presents. However, save for an admitedly good attempt by Stve Jackson Games, I never had access to a dedicated Conan game before, and GURPS, try as it might, never quite captured the feel correctly.

When I heard that Conan was being made D20, I didn't know how to feel. On one hand, someone was actually going to publish a Conan game, with the potential for some serious game line support to boot. On the other, it was going to be D20, which I will admit, I had serious reservations about. Not that the mechanics of the game are bad per say, but I just could not see how Mongoose planned to capture the feel of the Hyborian world using the standard core classes and in particular, the magic system. I cring at the thought of a "spells per day" system at the best of times, but I was terrified that Mongoose was going to try to tack it onto the Hyborian setting in some awkward manner that would just ruin it.

But I have bought and read through the book. I am extremely pleased to see that Mongoose has build the game from the ground up. A group of core classes that fit with the setting, an overview of the world that provides more than enough info to get started right away and a new magic system that was build with the Hyborian world in mind. This last is reallt the jewl in the crown. I am very impressed with the sorcery system included and am pleased that it conveys an air of sinister wonder, as it should.

Thank you Mongoose, for an excellent product that shows, unlike much of your competion in the market today, you actually care about doing things right.

Well done.