Kiln Publications Website Now LIVE!

Kiln Publications's website is now up. It has access to our forums as well as a list of tentative items coming out through Spring of 2005. Note: there may be an addition in there at some point for OGL Ancients. As we get more information written for 2087 (tm) and CHOMP! (tm) we will be adding more content to the site.
The site is at:


If I can make a piece of hopefully constructive criticism, you are using a couple of really LARGE graphic logos shrunk to size on your website.

The problem with that is that people still have to download the entire large graphic file. If you made smaller versions of the graphics and used those, your pages would load more quickly.

If you guys are making support material for OGL Ancients I'll probably snap it up. :)
Thanks for the crit. I will fix that Sunday night. I am going directly to Origins right from work this afternoon. Please bear with the site over the next several days and I promise it will be fixed for the beginning of next week!
OK I am at my day job and thankfully I am a graphic designer where I can bring my laptop. I went and reduced the graphics for the logos. Anyone with a slower (or fast) connection please try the main page and future releases and leyt me know if what I did helps any?


It's definitely much better! About 100k rather than 600. I have a fast connection but I could tell the difference.


Hey Don

The difference is huge.

I have a fast connection here at work and the pages practically leaped into view. Much better than the slow sprawl of the previous version. Especially the logo heavy future releases page.

Good job!