Just ran my first gaming session




I just DMed my first session. I have a small group. One guy is playing a Dwarven Gunner and another is playing a Bukkaneer. I had a rough idea of a start. The Buccaneer character was starting as a young cabin boy/ officer in training on a merchant ship. The captain gives him a sword as a gift, and orders him to deliver a message to a dwarven mercenary group in a tavern (i.e. the same one as the other character).

Well, no sooner than he steps off the ship, he draws his sword, swings it wildly around..almost slices a dock workers arm off. Pick a fight with him, gets shanked and tossed in the harbor.

The other player kept complaining about being there, so i said his troup was cleaning their guns nearby and saw this happen. Dwarf dives in, saves him. The rest of the troup board the ship. And as the bukaneer is healing up, the player thats playing the dwarf keeps smarking off to the captain of the mercenary group. Well, after alot of punishment the captain tells him to either shape up, or be shamed and tossed out of the group. He smarts off to the captain and is tossed off the ship at a port in Caron and his clan name shamed. Then, the cabin boy is told to go from the ship and find his own life.

So, in the first hr of my game, one of the players had completely derailed it. (he's a bit of a trouble maker.) Well, i try to figure out what to do, so i start making up stuff fast.

Eventually, i created a large mercenary group named the Stabbing Fist, that is based out of the capital of Caron. It is led by a Ogron Fighter named Volgar. The characters join up, and the dwarf is assigned to the gunner group, (including 29 other dwarves that are part of it.) The Buccaneer is assigned to become a scout. I think he hopes to become some sort of spy.

And the last part of the quest involved a court magician from Lencia coming to the city to hire the entire company! (Totalling 2,600 individuals in all.) King Sarnac of Lencia is planning a full scale invasion of the Nyras/Nyvos to wage the largest crucade Lencia has ever seen. And now, the characters are saling across the Tentarias toward their destiny.

What do you guys think? I figured I tied it into Magnamund with the whole Lencian crucade, which the book says is about to happen soon. And, i figured a war is a great way to have interesting adventures and to create missions the characters could go on. Plus, if more characters join, the better. They can just make up special groups of mercenaries or special opps that will be sent on missions.
Oh, btw...if anyone has any future suggestions on where to take this i'd apreciate it! The characters are over halfway to 2nd lvl. If anyone has any ideas of NPC's to create, mission to go on or cool ideas..i'm all ears!
Well...It IS lone wolf. Howsabout a kai lord npc to adventure with? He could also keep them on the straight and narrow (maybe). Besides, the kai are just too cool.

The buccaneer seems like trouble. Oh well. Maybe the gunner will get sick of him and explode him in his sleep. :)