just flipped through a copy....


...and i love it. the dodge/parry defense bonus pretty much solves my one gripe with D&D once and for all. the more i read of this game, the more i am begging my DM to consider switching over.

if i can't get him to switch over entirely, is there any smooth way to at least incorporate the dodge/parry bonus mechanic to "standard" D&D? i know it's pretty easy to do for the characters, but it looks like it would get pretty difficult once the issue of the monster manual came up........


There are some conversion documents out there, you'll just have to do a search on these forums. Monsters can have a generic DV value, a combination between Parry and Dodge. Also, whatever damage they do goes up by 1 die type. DR for monsters is the only thing that is hard to really get a good grasp of.

If you check other RPGs, more and more of them are going to the "Armor is DR" style (Star Wars just as an example), which I think is the way to go. It definitely makes more sense.
i agree, DR is a long overdue concept. and, yeah, that looks to be the serious speedbump; coming up with DV and DR stats for the critters. and if i can't make this conversion into something that quick to do (as well as something that produces "meaningful" numbers), it will be tough to talk my current DM into it, as cool as he is :lol:

I was just hitting reply when I saw an answer had just been placed. Anyways, here's one thread: Conan Combat for D&D:
thanks for the link! i didn't think about how this would effect spells that boost "armor class", etc. still tough to come up with something for the monsters, though. i once had a system in mind that went something like this:

monster CR = equivalent "character level"
monster HD type = equivalent "character class"

the above was used in conjunction with the new UA book and its rules on adding a "defense bonus" to the game. (its defense bonus numbers were, by the way, MUCH higher than the ones i see in the conan book, calling out the difference in "grit.")