Judge Dredd: Drokk City

Hmmmm... what are the submission guidelines (or where could I find them) and what kind of 2000AD based stuff is needed? And I should have asked first, but are there open submisisons?
Submission guidelines for S&P can be found inside any issue of S&P :) (just head off to the front page of the site and then to the S&P section to download the latest copy)

I'm not 100% certain if Mongoose's license covers the rest of the 2000AD stuff (I had a feeling it did if they want to do anything else, but could be mistaken) - however it cannot do any harm to email them with the idea and ask :)
I am interested in getting as much backround info on the Judge Dredd RPG having started a new campaign this week after many years away.

I have got most of the Mongoose publications but I am using the GW JDRPG (converting stats etc - I don't mind this - just after backround material and adventures I can convert.

Having read your posts I found this site I presumed written by John Calibur.


I haven't gone through it all but it looks pretty good.

Any other sites out there?


That's been online a while - reckon John might have forgotten it's there. Thanks for finding that :)

While I'm here - the easiest way to get good stories for adventures is to just convert any books you enjoyed. Horror stories convert really well, I always find. I've a couple of conversions on my JDRPG site, which is at http://www.califia.plus.com/sector69/

I'll be updating as soon as I restart my campaign (have been away from Dredd gaming for the last year as my group have been playing Warhammer FRP and that's taken all our gaming time for the last 12 months or so)
Wow! I had no idea that site existed... looks like it hasn't been updated in awhile (?).
But thanks much for finding it!

As for info sites, let's see...

For starters, in case you don't know (and apologies if you do), go to the 2000AD site (http://www.2000adonline.com) and check out the left side-bar. Under 'Characters' there's a bit called 'The Dredd Zone'. It has a good map, a timeline and all sorts of aother useful data.
More info can be found through the links section: http://www.2000adonline.com/?zone=fan
And here: http://www.2000adonline.com/?zone=&page=links

There's Class of '79, too: http://www.2000ad.nu/classof79/website.htm

Of course, you may know all of this, and if that's the case, again I'm sorry... hehe.

Hope that helps! :)

And if you find any more, let us know...
Thanks for the reply -

Will check out the sites suggested

Just browsed that site I suggested and pretty much copied everything to my HD. A LOT of useful backround stuff I found on it including 'vocabulary'! Excellent.


A truly fantastic site numanti!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be eh 'borrowing' just some of your 'ideas' if that is ok - I guess it is otherwise u wouldn't have created the web site!??

By the way I love the black humour on the site - Judge Shipman head of Med Div. Now that maid me laugh.

I have only scanned your hall of heros but looks like a 'gas'


Numanti: I missed your link earlier somehow, but now I just checked out your site.
Drokking excellent!
I look forward to going over it more later :)
I'm happy for anyone to borrow anything off the site. It's mainly there as an aid to my own games, and so is full of in-jokes and the like. But if it is useful for other people to use or reference or whatever then that's a bonus to me. Likke I say, I will be adding to it as soon as I finish this warhammer campaign I'm gm-ing (which has been a gas, but isn't my first love, game-setting wise - I find Dredd much easier to write for, as i'm so familiar with the setting and find it so easy to hook story ideas around)

One of the best parts of the site for me are the citizen files - I just give the team a name and let them scour the site - hitting ctrl+f and typing in a bit of a name gets them to the right file most of the time, and they love actually doing a computer search in-game on an actual computer - in the old days we used a card index file system but this feels much better. Now whenever I write an adventure I just add all my perps to that directory and it works really well.

I'm also pretty pleased with the (not yet complete) clickable map - went right back to html basics to design that one - you don't often see image maps on websites anymore... I considered a much flashier site but stayed with the relatively simple design of the one that is up as it's really easy to add content to.

Glad you lke it :)
The clickable map is a great feature... The sector 69 map(s) are very well done. I love maps, so this is a good thing.

Good content, too. I'll make sure others know about it :)
numanti - where did you get your mega city 1 maps and eastmeg sector maps for your website from - I have browsed the web but have only found westmeg map on another site - is it in the d20 Rulebook?


you are right but only eastmeg is there - I came across another web si - can't think which one - it was quite late at night when i found it and it had westmeg - I copied it onto my HD - but there doesn't seem to be any sign of the other sector zones?!

I wander if they were on Drokk City?

Are they in the d20 JD rulebook?