Judge Dredd counter collection 1 - Starter Pack


While browsing the web, once again looking for Judge Dredd RPG information, I stumbled across an interesting article on a product that was apparently due for release in November 2002. The item is called "Judge Dredd counter collection 1 - Starter Pack" and is described below. My question is, was this released or is it still coming? If so, when will it arrive? Please, don't let this be cancelled.


Information taken from Endworld

The start of a new series for the Judge Dredd roleplaying game, this starter pack Counter Collection provides floorplans and 3D cardboard counters of judges, perps and vehicles for use in games. Players will now actually be able see the action as it takes place before their eyes - and arrest will never be the same experience again. The starter pack contains everything a Games Master and his players need to kick off their games of Judge Dredd

Due to a massive demand, Mongoose Publishing has begun producing floorplans and cardboard counters for the popular Judge Dredd roleplaying game. Each one of these packs further expands the range of creeps and vehicles available to Games Masters and allows players to fully visualise the action as it takes place.
Could this be the same game mentioned up in the loft heights of Mongoose General Discussion....

Nice - I have the Original GW Floor Plans (the only thing I liked in the original GW game - which were ace for WH40K, Shadowrun and Cyberpunk as well).
I really hope this is still something they are planning to release. I'm hoping that Judge Dredd fans with some artistic talents might draw some new plans, bike counters, mo-ped counters etc. This would really bring a game alive.

*Fingers crossed*

Me too, I got the old GW floorplans plus a complete 25mm scale shopping mall I could use.

Plus I have to stage a Dawnof the Dead style Block battle between George Romero Block and Soliah Heights Luxuary Apts.... on the Judgement Day Anniversery Party....
Sounds interesting. I don't suppose you have any notes from the adventures you run that you would care to share do you? It sounds like you have a great setting you are developing.