Joining the demo team and Judge Dredd?


Hi im rik
im intrested in becoming a member of the MI demo team, but when i looked over the forms at the part it asked about the games you plan to demo, Judge Dredd wasnt on the list.

My question is, should it be part of the list as this is the game i plan to demo here in the Belfast area Northern Ireland.


HI Rik,

Thank you for your interest in the MI.

The current trooperpack is a bit outdated, in fact was last updated back in 2008 I believe. The entire MI program is being overhauled, including the trooperpack. Go ahead and apply and list Judge Dread along with any other current games you plan on supporting.

Please feel free to PM me if I can be of any help to you.

Al Beddow
USA Co-Ordinator of the Mongoose Infantry
Thank you, this posting answered my question too.

Ive been demoing it long enough, I figure I can start to get some credit for it.