Jet packs and fleet actons?


Hello I am a small game store owner in Seattle and I just finished reading the Wars core book... but I find that GRAVjetpacks and the Fleet Action ability are missing. Im not too worried about the GRAVjetpacks... I can make something up for my players untill I get the official stats on them from you guys at Mongoose. But the Fleet Action is missing or I am blind. In the leader class special abilties list on page 42 there is the following,

"Fleet Action: This allows the leader to use the 'Fleet Action' order is ship combat. See the Vehicle Combat Chapter."

I believe that this abilty is missing completly and I will deffiently need it in the campaign I am going to start in the next week or so.
Also I love the presentation of this game... I am an avid fan of the card game and look forward to playing this.

Hi Mal,

I would have sworn I wrote the Fleet Action, but clearly I didn't. I've posted the ability in a new thread in the forum.

Regarding jet packs - well, they were one of about a million things I wanted to put in the book. Unfortunately, space considerations kept me from doing so. However, they (and many, many other new toys) will be coming soon to a supplement near you. :)

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the book. I hope your campaign gets off to a great start next week.