Is there a computer program for chargen MgT 2e plus additions


I know of MT & CT computer generated chargen but MgT with the different rules additions have chargen that is ideally browser-based as opposed to software. Ideally one that can populate a standard character sheet.
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There only one thing currenty made, and its for the 2016 CRB. Its rather crap to use and doesnt populate a standard character sheet.
As an aside, I dont see the utiltiy in having a automated character generator. There isnt much to automate. And making NPCs, is to short for an auto generator be of much use.
I agree with agentwiggles.
It is called RPGSuite.

There is a free version. Most of the features you want are behind a pay wall. Not great for characters. Marginally useful for random NPC's as long as you don't need more than one good skill on the NPC.
I bought several pieces of it. Two years into the campaign, we don't use it. At all. Which is a shame, because I really wanted to like it. And really, I do KIND OF like it, but it doesn't do what we need from it.
In Fantasy Grounds you can roll all the tables easily and track everything. You still need to fill out the character sheet with the details you create but it is a simple drag and drop.