Introduction and Seeking Ideas


Greetings all,

I'm new to the forum, and I appreciate all of what I have read thus far.

My background is that I'm about to run a Hyborian age game using the great stuff made by Mongoose publishing. In the past I have run 2 other Hyborian age games, one with a compilation of 3E rules + custom stuff + netbook stuff, and the other was way back in 2E and I used those rules + homebrew. I must say that it is great to finally have a comprehensive system of rules to play by that makes magic the way it should be, but I digress...

What I'm seeking are adventure ideas of all sorts. Being that I've run two other campaigns, I find that I'm tending to rehash those ideas, and even though the players have never experienced them, I'm looking for new, innovative ideas - especially for starting a campaign.

I would apprecaite anything that you all have to offer (i.e. short stories, quick ideas, NPC personalities, encounter suggestions, etc.)

One thing that I am doing in the game is setting the time line 10 years after Conan takes his armies across the western sea to find new lands to conquor. At this point the Hyborian nations have begun to become more separate and autonomous without the strong hand of Conan ruling from Aquilonia. (He left his son, Con, to rule - but not being Conan, he has had his hands full and been somewhat ineffective.)

Anyway - all ideas would be great, hit me up!

He went over with armies across the western sea? I seem to be missing a great deal of the story.

Anybody got a reference?
I've not read the story in some time, but I believe that in Conan of the Isles (L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter), the last recorded event in the life of King Conan was that he traveled over the Western Sea, into the unknown west. He was apparently seeking the fabled continent of Mayapan.

urdinaran - that's some seriously good stuff!! Well done on capturing the essence of the Hyborian world, indeed. I'll be ganking a few of those ideas for my own, if you don't mind. :)
Oh yeah, I just didn't remember him taking an army. I was pretty sure he went by himself.

I remember the part where he snatched the knife out of the air. That to me made the story Conan.
OH! Now that is a gooood thread. Gonna take me some time, if ever, to check all that out.

Thanks! Belkregos. You have just made my life more difficult, but enjoyable.