Intricate Swordplay for Shortswords?


Recently, I've been trying to convince my DM to allow my Argossean Noble 4/Pirate 2 to take intricate swordplay with shortswords.

I've been taking a Roman History course this semester and built my character concept off a Roman-esque noble (Republic era virtues/arrogance) with a flair for dual wielding shortswords from the pirate levels. When I saw the feat, I really thought it fit in with my character concept, but I had already gone with dual wielding shortswords for several levels (and the subsequent feat selection/equipment selection as well).

Would you allow a bending of the rules in your game for this... or am I just a horribly power mad min/maxer who should repent his sins?

Character Noble 4/Pirate 2
Eramos Agrippa Decimpraxus (taking the 3rd name when we finish off a certain sex-deamon as a "triumph" in City O' Shadizar)
HP: 34
Str: 15, Dex: 17, Con: 11, Int: 19, Wis: 16, Cha: 18
Feats: Argossean Dreamer, Weapon Focus: Shortsword, Parry, Combat Expertise, Two Weapon Fighting
P: 15 D: 16
F: 4 R: 7 W: 7
Equipment: 2x Shortswords (Akbitanan), Mail Shirt, Steel Cap, Aquilonian Guitar, Noble Clothing, Rope
I'd probably have no great problem with it, especially looking at your character. As for a min, maxer...naa. I don't think your too bad. Damn the noble in my game with intricate swordplay has a Parry defense of 24 at 4th level! Of course with Expertise he can raise it to 29.
IMO any character who is likely to get involved in the fighting who puts an 11 on CON and 16 on WIS in this game is definately not min maxing!
Seems fine to me. Mechanical advantages of TWF with short-sword, you get to apply your feats to both weapons without incurring penalties (as opposed to either wielding a arming sword/short sword combo where your feats only apply to one weapon or two arming swords where you take penalties) specifically you get to use your weapon focus feat which grants you a +1 to hit. Mechanical disadvantages of using a short sword instead of an arming sword, your average damage drops by 1 point. I don't see anything unbalancing about this.

The other concern then is flavor, does the idea of a shortsword work with Intricate Swordplay? I don't see why not. I'd allow this IMC.

Hope that helps.
I also do not see a problem with allowing the short sword for intricate swordplay. As a matter of fact one of my players had a similar idea about a Roman gladitorial style for his character. I think I will tell him about this idea and let him run with it.