Inconsistencies in racial stats

Steve Geddes

I’m currently compiling a list of racial stat modifiers/traits/etcetera and have been struck by the fact that there are occasionally differences In the way things are presented. I’m curious whether that’s just different editorial policy over the years or if the differences are meant to be significant.

the clearest example of what I’m referencing are these two races from the same book (The Spinward Extents):

The Kitauao receive a “DEX+2 modifier to their rolls” (p82)
The Zhdianshe “roll DEX on 2D+2” (p254)

I wondered if there is any intended difference in those two or whether it’s just a matter of choosing two ways of saying the same thing.

(it’s not pure pedantry - I wondered whether one was meant to imply that it was still capped at 12, or something like that).

any insights would be appreciated!


Cosmic Mongoose
No difference in results or ranges (2D+2 in either case) was intended, nor was a cap. So in either case starting values can be 4-14.

And I'm often accused of pedantry. Oh well. The little template I use for races only specifies the headings and sections to include, not the format of the content. Sorry if my inconsistency led to any confusion.

Steve Geddes

Hey no worries!
it wasn’t true confusion - I just wondered if I’d missed somewhere that it had been spelled out.
thanks so much for the prompt clarification. And for the game. :)

Steve Geddes

(It’s not really a problem anyhow - in general you’ll look it up and know what to do. It only stuck out to me as I was combing through every book to pull out every race option).
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