Imperial Census: Favorite Skills

Every campaign I’ve been part of, Vacc Suit 0 and Gun Combat 0 were all but required for survival. Usually not the focus, but there would be times where those skills were life or death.

Everyone needs to be able to contribute to the operation of a ship as well. Beyond that, a well rounded group is best.

One skill that is valuable in a civilized society but I think gets short changed by players is Admin. It ain’t sexy, but it gets things done.
Admin is *great* for preventing a lot of problems as well as for solving them. And sometimes it's good for creating problems for your opponents, too...
Have to agree with vacc suit. I like zero-g too if I can get it.

Also, like Admin, Comms is a good basic skill - there is nothing like trying to contact someone on a new world, and not finding your way around the technology or protocols !


I am partial to investigate, Streetwise and melee Thanks to my favorite character having been a former cop on a high law planet were weapons were banned :) so i always made sure to carry a cane with me.