Immunity to Mindblast, Psi-Surge


Given that Kai can develop an immunity to Mindblast and Psi-Surge, I'm wondering if Mongoose has any plans to give Mindblast and Psi-Surge abilities (or similar abilities with a Mind Blast/Psi-Surge Tier equivalency) to non-Kai classes or monsters. At the moment, the Kai's resistance is really only useful with regard to another Kai using Mindblast Tier V -- something that I doubt is going to occur very often in the first place.
Tier II and IV Mindshield give shields and instinctive shields respectively; all Tiers add their value to Will Save. Psi-Screen provides it's Tier value as DR vs psychic attacks.

While that's all fine, Mindshield especially seems a little lacking if that is all it does (not that getting a shield up isn't very important -- it's just that the non-shield Tiers seem a little bland by comparison to the other Disciplines). The rules state that each defense gives complete immunity to its offensive counterpart, up to the same Tier ... but, at this point, as I mention, this has little real effect.