If I wanted to submit something...


...for consideration to be added to the download section here, where would I send it?

Long ago on one of the original Paranoia adventures I got into the suggestions for setting an atmosphere. I can't remember which adventure it was, but they suggested playing really loud music for the time in R&D or something like that and having a spray bottle of water for when the PC's went down in the sewer tunnels to spritz them in the face with (that went over well, hehe).

So, I keep on the lookout for little touches like that. I got a wild hair today and though that with all this computer technology around me I could find a way to do some of the PA announcements and such as sound files to play for a little more mood as the adventure goes on.

I started with the announcement from the Transbot in the Mr.Bubbles adventure and tweaked it a little and came up with something I find hilarious and think would make a great addition. I don't have enough bandwidth available at any web space I own to really host it for download, but if I could send it to mongoose or if there is someplace out there that hosts Paranoia files already it would fit perfectly.

It's an mp3 and only 408k. Anyone have any suggestions?
Interesting notion, Azerik! I suggest you write to sales (at) mongoosepublishing.com, and some loyal citizen there will forward your suggestion to the proper INDIGO-Clearance official for approval.

If that doesn't work out, it's entirely possible the fine folks at Paranoia-Live.net, the leading PARANOIA fan site, might be willing to host your sound files. You could write to jazzer (at) paranoia-live.net to inquire. Thanks!
Nice idea's one of my favorites has always been the forms moment...

I found a loads of forms on a site years ago to add some fun to the game, like R&D Exclaimer forms that you can read to Traitot termination forms...

To really make life fun print them on coloured paper and have 1 the wrong colour watch people scramble to get the right form....
We have recently expanded our Contacts page to cover things like this - Ian Belcher (ibelcher@mongoosepublishing.com) handles all RPG submissions.