ID Tournament - 7th October

We´re doing well for next weeks´tournament, we have several old faces and more than a few new ones signed up. We have had a slight change in plan for the prize; the White Star will not be here in time (the company in the US orders them from the UK to their offices in the US to dispatch to the UK.... :shock: ) but we have had a stroke of luck and managed to get an even better prize! We have a resin Shadowvessel, she has a wingspan of 20" and looks absolutely fabulous. This will be awarded to the overall winner of the Tournament and is well worth battling over. The White Star may be here by next Saturday but as we´d never get it built in time we´re switching to the Shadowship.
If you are interested in playing next week, please head over to and signup. You never know, you may be taking home a rather nifty shadowship.
Regards, Mark