Ian Sturrock: two pastiche ideas in CONAN core rules


Calling Zamora's thief-city 'Arenjun'. The tier of black kingdoms below Stygia . . .

Werewolves are mentioned in at least a couple of Conan stories. I don't recall Solomon Kane fighting one, but there's a very interesting portrayal of lycanthropy in "In the Forest of Villefere" and "Wolfshead".
I think you guys nailed it. Both Zath and Arenjun were coined by L. Sprague de Camp, not REH.

Also, the map of the black kingdoms is based on pastiches, not Howard (as Mr. Rippke has so wonderfully proved) - But Mr. Sturrock did not create the map, so that was not his inclusion.

And werewolves are mentioned in at least one REH Conan story, even though they do not actually appear.


:oops: Oops! My mistake. I got de Montour and La Loup mixed up.

For some reason I've always mixed those two up. I guess I've always got that same dark, gothic feeling when I read the de Montour stories that I get from the Solomon Kane tales.


I don't recall if ever there was an appearance of a parrot in REH's stories, but if my group hits a jungle, I may include one.

The Conan RPG cannot possibly be just like the Conan stories. One obvious difference is that Conan seemed either at the head of a military force, with an accomplice thief or mostly working alone while the party in your game will likely be a group of five or so who are working together for quite some time. Calling the game "Conan" carries the same misnomer as calling Chaosium's game "Elric."

So some things will be added to the background, bestiary, cities, religons and so on, to make the game playable as an RPG rather than a novel. I always found in reading the books, that the other characters were at least as interesting as Conan and I looked forward to reading things from the Devi's perspective and so on. :D


Believe it or not, I have always felt that a form of the magick system in Black Company would fit Conan really well.

Add some corruptive influences...

Change some of the "Spells"



Ranzadule said:
I don't recall if ever there was an appearance of a parrot in REH's stories, but if my group hits a jungle, I may include one.

There was, or at least it was some sort of talking tropical bird. It said, "Yagkoolan ya kosha," as I recall. There were probably parrots in at least one other story.


I don't really care either way, the only 'elemental' I'm aware of, if you can call it that, is the utter silence which Kull releases and then struggles with in one of the stories (I'm at work, don't remember it now). I guess you could say that that gave Mongoose license to adapt air, fire, earth, and water

There is an elemental mentioned in the story "The Hour of the Dragon" where in a huge battle The villian, a supremely powerful sorceror, convinces an earth elemental to cause a cliff to fall on 5000 of Conan's knights along with the man who was pretending to be him dressed in his armor.

The Elemental never made an appearance as far as I know, but the Sorceror did tell Conan he coerced an Elemental into doing that deed; so I would say Elementals are Howardian, I just dont think one ever showed itself to Conan.