I love Conan because...

I am part way through Robert Jordan's 10th book in the Wheel of Time series. I started the series over a decade ago at university (during winter exams no less). The first few books were rather good, and I have struggled my way through to the last.

Reading this one makes me appreciate Conan so much more. I mean, it seems as if every other person is weilding magic or has a magic weapon, or such. It gets boring very quickly. In a tight spot, Oh, I'll whip up a spell to save us...zzzzzzz.

Magic in Conan is mysterious and rare, and treated with the fear and respect it deserves.

Oh, and Conan doesn't negotiate. Period.

Why do you all like Conan?

Grim Wanderer
I started reading Conan many a long year ago. He was the Fantasy Hero that didn't rely on anything but his strong arms, Strong Will and forward nature.

And how can you not like someone who answers like this...

'I offer you Life Conan'

'I give you Death Wizard'


'I'm here to Kill you Conan'

'You're here to TRY!'
I started reading Conan at age 13. No matter what, he kept trying. He didn't whine. He didn't complain. He didn't give up. He didn't accept what others had to offer him; he took what he wanted. He strove to succeed. He succeeded despite the odds. He succeeded or failed on his own terms. He succeeded without selling out or at the cost of 'who he is.' He always remained slavishly devoted to himself and his concept of right/wrong. He didn't try to convince people he was right. He went his own way - and if anyone tried to stop him, he answered with violence.
Well said Vincent. I started reading Conan at the same age. Conan is an uncomprimising force unto himself, and I think this is one of the things that makes Conan and similar characters so appealing. They had the will to do things on their own terms, for good or ill, and accept the consequences.

LOL CharlieB. If slave girls are your favourite thing, then maybe you should read Gor (John Norman).
I agree with all of the above comments....but I like Conan because of his barbaric attitude about death! How many times does he:

1) Accept his circumstance is very dire but concern himself in only taking as many with him as possible!

2) Realize the impossible odds of success, but with a barbaric determination attempt and succeed at the task before him.

3) Always wants to go down fighting and as long as he is fighting and killing he has a chance in his mind.

4) When his plans go awry, plan B is always strike hard and fast! Usually with deadly results!

Conan is the utilmate warrior! He accepts death is a part of the life style he has chosen and only asks to go out on his terms only! When you combine that with the skill of Howard to write uncanny action sequences within his fully realized and developed World, you have high adventure! With buxom women and black socercy!!!
No wuzzy Elves.
No gruff Dwarves.
No comic relief Halflings.
No Stupid Tinkering Gnomes.
No all-out evil Orcs.

In short, no clichés from regular fantasy, instead a lot of clichés from the real world, mixed with a little mystery.

the stories are pure fantasy there too entertain not too preach but like conan himself the reader is invited too just sit back and enjoy the ride. 8)
2 reasons I love Conan...

1- There are better writers, but R.E. Howard is one of the best storytellers ever. He can pack more action and drama into a 20 page short story than most authors can put in a 2000 page trilogy.

2- Howard, Tolkien, and maybe Fritz Leiber came up with most of the original ideas in the Swords & Sorcery genre. Everyone else is riffing off the concepts these guys invented.
Robert Jordan cant tie up a plot line to save his life. I've given up on that series. Started book 9 three times and I cant get through it.

Conan is straight and to the point and its effective.